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Umbral Cloud

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Creator: Evan20000 Genre: Metroidvania Updated: 02 May 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 924 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.46/5 (23 ratings) Download Quest
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A metroidvania with an .ogg soundtrack that features heavy emphasis on exploration, sidequests and boss fights.

Update 4-28-16
Fixed a bug with the superboss sometimes registering the wrong element.
A few other misc script optimizations and tweaks.
Update 4-27-16
Reduced the rate Frogs turn in midair (if only slightly).
Fixed a major oversight with the weather system's rain dance NPC.
Improved drop rates on a few weather drops.
A couple misc fixes and optimizations.
Update 4-24-16
Improved collision on a few of the large trees in Nightwood Grove.
Added an alternate method to get the water tablet.

Update: 4-23-16
Fixed the L2 sword sprites not having graphics.
Fixed a major oversight with the flippers.
Play the quest.
Tips & Cheats
If you're having trouble making money, try exploring and killing enemies. This quest's grass droprate is extremely low to dissuade rupee-farming in favor of exploration.
Story - Evan20k
Scripting - Evan20k with some help from Moosh and Saffith
Tileset - Moosh
Testing - Moosh, Russ, Aevin, Jubbz, Dimentio, Eppy37, Twilight Prince

All music and graphics are copyright their respective owners.

I'll update this later if I forgot anyone, just shoot me a message.