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New Legend of Zelda (Quest Pack)

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Creator: Matthew Bluefox , HeroOfFire Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 16 Aug 2017 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 1032 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (7 ratings) Download Quest
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"New Legend of Zelda" 1 + 2 are remakes of the NES first and second quests, but it's more than that. First of all, you have a Magic Meter with some items using the magic power, and ... there is a complete second overworld called Lorule which you can enter once you have found the power bracelet or the whistle in Hyrule. Some of the later dungeons and a bonus level in each quest (Star and Challenge) are located in Lorule and even one of the Heart Containers is there now, along with the infamous Infinite Magic upgrade. Also, you can now buy Super Bombs and the Hammer. There is one free Super Bomb in Lorule, will you find it? Also, you will see a new bomb and arrow capacity upgrade system and two rings you could never see in the NES versions.

"New Legend of Zelda" 3 is using the same overworlds as 1 and 2, but there are a few more new items to collect (such as heart pieces, boots and more). The dungeons are all new and really challenging, and the last Heart Container can only be found in the Borg Cube (biggest bonus level ever), along with the Infinite Magic upgrade.

"NLOZ Mini" 1 + 2 feature a bit more than half of a totally new overworld called "Minirule" and of course all new dungeons as well. In Mini 1 you can get all the Magic Containers in the overworld while in Mini 2 they are all hidden in the dungeons 1 through 8. In Mini 2 you will have to revisit a previous dungeon with an item from the next dungeon to collect eight Heart Container Pieces (Level 8 will have an HCP that you can get directly), in Mini 1 there are only full Heart Containers. There are no bonus dungeons in the two Mini quests. Will you find the "Choice Cave" in Mini 1? What item will you choose if you find it?

"NLOZ Maxi" is a compilation of all five basic quests by Matthew Bluefox, enhanced and randomized by Hero of Fire. There is now an even stronger sword than the piercing beam magical sword upgrade, as well as more levels of the Cane of Byrna and the Magic Wand / Book, addition of the Hookshot, several scrolls, wealth medals, Nayru's Love, Din's Fire, etc. etc. Just try it out and you will be blown away by it's replay value! Nothing will ever be the same again. Seeds work as well, and by using Ex3 button, you can see the item total of each DMap and the effective amount of items you have collected on it.
Link has to save Zelda from the evil piggyface named Ganon.
Tips & Cheats
Cheat Level 4 is enabled. There is no password for any of the quests, so feel free to change the cheat codes and if you want, you can have a peak at how the dungeons will look like before you play through them.
HeroOfFire (NLOZ Maxi Randomizer)
BigJoe (NLOZ Soundtrack)
Pixcalibur123 (Beta Testing / Creative Consulting)