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Legend of Avataro

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Creator: Demonlink Genre: Miniquest Updated: 29 Jan 2016 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 179 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.33/5 (2 ratings) Download Quest
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Changelog (01/10/2016): Check out what's new here.

(Make sure you have the default ZC zelda.nsf file at the root of your ZC folder).

This is, "technically", my first actual quest that I have ever finished. :P It started as a quest back then for Avataro's birthday, but I
decided to pick it up again, and added more content. Originally, it was just one dungeon, two caves and the last area with a 7 screen designed overworld. NOW, it's a 3x3 overworld with 3 dungeons, two caves, and the last area. A few changes have been made compared to the original version, mostly to provide enough content to be considered a miniquest.

Like I stated before, this is a parody of Avataro's "Well, that's something!" series. What can you expect from this quest?

- Questionable design.
- Bad jokes (with a few vulgar words here and there).
- Questionable Difficulty (especially in the second and third dungeons).
- Enough entertainment for an hour or an hour and a half.
- Custom bosses.

Oh, before I forget, I decided to do something evil as well. No F6ing allowed! This was intended as a design choice to prevent some players to go the easy way out on hard situations. However, I did include a Link Doll item that serves as a way to save your progress, so I recommend you use it often.

One last word: This quest is intended to be difficult, so I won't bother on changing anything unless something is considered to be too much. (Difficulty is like a normal to hard mode range, so experienced ZC players shouldn't have too much trouble).
You're a guy that's not Link out to do stuff. Play the game to find out why.
Tips & Cheats
Cheats are disabled.

Tips? Here are a few:

- Save often! Once you die, that's it, you start with progress made since your last save.
- Pay attention to the old man's advice!. It's actually quite helpful.
- Go get potions regularly! Especially since you can't F6 out of the game.
- Pay attention to your surroundings! Some secrets are easy to reveal if you know where to look at.
- The ZC development team.
- PureZC.
- Avataro for his "Well, that's something!" series.
- Nintendo.
- Espilan.
- VGMusic.