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In the Lost Kingdom of the Banana Blood God

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Creator: Russ , Moosh Genre: Miniquest Updated: 06 Jan 2019 ZC Version: 2.50.2 Downloads: 1270 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.81/5 (26 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest started as a two week quest over a year and a half ago, but now it's been polished, heavily expanded, and updated. Features include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • A full 8x8 overworld.
  • Six intricate dungeons: four in the main game, two in the post game.
  • Two playable characters: Finnigan, the typical ZC protagonist, and Xaya, who trades most forms of defense for extra offense and speed.
  • Thirteen scripted bosses/minibosses to challenge you.
  • Lots of scripted items, such as a magic leaf, a fire rod, and a Moosh transformation.
  • Haribo Sugar-Free Gummy Bears (toilet plunger not included).
  • A deep, emotional yet humorous story.
  • An alternate universe story and a sequel built in to the quest.
  • The typical insanity you'd expect from putting Moosh and Russ together in a room with a ZC.
  • And more!
Update! 1/6/2019:
Fixed some bugs and tile errors, made an often-missed HCP a little easier to spot, and added a script that will alert you if you play the quest in the wrong version number to avoid version compatibility bugs.

Update 12/6/2018:
Nothing of real substance in this update, just some minor bugfixes involving pits in the final dungeon and side warps sending you to the wrong dmap.

Update 8/23/2018:
This was a bit overdue, but we (and by we I mean Moosh, Russ did nothing but sit and applaud) finally got around to updating the quest with some much needed fixes. We changed a song that was bugging ZC to ogg, so be sure to redownload the music if you plan on playing again. It also has been updated to 2.5.2, so please play in that version or higher, or you'll likely run into compatibility bugs in the basement of level 2.
Long ago, the blood god Akuma and bear spirit Moosh waged a great war against each other. Knowing that he would be unable to attain victory, Moosh sealed the demon away with the help of a local village. Before leaving them to rest, Moosh promised that one day, when the seal on Akuma weakened, an avatar of Moosh would be born among them to stop the demon.

Years have passed since then. The peaceful village lived quietly and contently under the curse of Akuma, which prevented them from stopping without first smashing into something. But they managed. One morning, a youth Finnigan went out to meet with his friend Xaya, the daughter of the village's leader. She'd been troubled by her visions recently, dreams of Akuma breaking forth from the seal. But she'd had another vision, one of the Moosh statue at the town's center. Going off Xaya's vision, Finnigan touched the statue, causing it to slide away and reveal a hidden staircase.

Xaya's father explained to the youth that this meant he was the avatar of Moosh. Blessed with the power of free movement and the ability to temporarily transform himself into an incarnation of Moosh, it would be up to Finnigan to find the three Crystal Spring Bananas and stop Akuma from breaking free from his seal. Accepting this responsibility, Finnigan set out to find the three bananas.

But as Xaya's visions grow worse and worse, will he be able to find them in time?
Tips & Cheats
If the game becomes too difficult, the Avatar Powers can break the game wide open pretty quickly. If you can't find any good techs, try playing Flappy Moosh or buying some feathers from the shop.

Potions are expensive, but help a ton.

The quest password is given out if you manage to beat the game in it's entirety, bonus dungeon included.
Nintendo, Lightwulf, and SpacemanDan for graphics.
Mero, Schwa, The Dark Lord of Scripting Knowledge for various scripts.
The entire Underneath the Armos/Swindle Chopper Skype Group, for feedback and ideas. Special thanks to Evan, for suggesting horrible wonderful things for the post game. Also we blatantly ripped of Isle of Rebirth a couple of times so extra special thanks to him again.
Jamian, for hosting the contest that kick-started this whole ordeal.
Shane, for making the 16x16 Moosh sprites
Everyone who brought bugs to our attention so they could be fixed.