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Zelda 3: The Return of Ganon

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Creator: Anarchy_Balsac Genre: NES-style Updated: 02 Jul 2016 ZC Version: 2.50.1 Downloads: 264 Rating[?]: Download Quest
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-Non-linear, exploration based gameplay.
-15 Levels, 16 if you count the secret level.
-Tons of items to collect.
-Plenty of secrets to discover.
-A plot twist where this time, Ganon is the puppet.
Easy Mode has the following concessions:

-Enemies always return rule is unchecked. Although, certain dungeon rooms still use it.
-The armory sells the Blue Ring instead of bombs. However, it is for a somewhat steeper price than the Moblin's shop on the other side.
-No 3-Shot Gohmas, it's one or none. Fire Gohmas still do a breath attack, but with a blockable fireball..
-Boomerang and Hookshot can pick up screen items.
-Added a shop that sells level 2 potions, and the singular level 2 potion is replaced with a singular level 3 potion.
-All Manhandlas are changed into the smaller, 4 pincer type.
-Level 2 remains the same as the Beta Version, wall-hugging exploits and all.
-Secret Level Gohma is only partly invisible, fires one shot instead of three, and take three hits to kill the player instead of one. Of course, that's 3 hits with the Black Ring.
-Rings effect Damage Combos, but be advised that this can lead to weird things where One-Hit-Kill damage combos are used in place of walls
-No statues shoot in level 1, and Manhandla claws (the solitary ones not attached to a manhandla), fire with less intensity (less shots)
-However, Easy Mode Mockery is in full effect, you will be reminded throughout that you are taking the easy path.

SUPER Easy Mode, in addition to the easy mode changes, has the following:
-Link takes half damage. You start with a "Green Ring" that halves your damage, and the Blue, Red, and Black rings further reduce it to 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16 respectively.
-Heart rings, Scrolls, Whimsical Rings, and Peril Rings are no longer disabled in dungeons.
-Hearts, Fairies, and "Kill all enemies" drop more often than in easy mode.
After the events of Zelda 2, all chaos broke loose. Dark Link's unleashing turned out to be one last saving throw by Ganon's henchmen, who used the blood of Dark Link to revive Ganon, as Dark Link was a close enough analogue to work. Then, upon returning, Ganon immediately went on a rampage, Hyrule Castle was obliterated, the Triforce of Power was seized, and the Triforce of Courage vanished mysteriously. Some say it left of its own will, but most say that's crazy and that it just disappeared. The Triforce of Wisdom was once again split into 8, but this time, Ganon himself divided it and had his minions guard them with a new ferocity, in places located in the most dangerous areas of Hyrule. Now, feeling invincible, Ganon has been making Death Mountain erupt and threatens to cover Hyrule in lava. With Princess Zelda resigning and fleeing the land in frustration, can Link, with his dark counterpart dead, now put one final end to Ganon.
Tips & Cheats
Don't go by the lake with 3 hearts, the green tunic, and no shield, that's just stupid. That's like going to death mountain at the start of Z1, you CAN, but it's your own fault if you are so reckless, not the game builder's.
Central Tree and Darunia - For bringing up many issues that needed fixing during Beta testing.
CJC - for suggesting the Level 15 sub-dungeons, and the toning down of fireball shooters for Easy Mode. While small suggestions, I'd say they helped me improve the quest greatly.