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The One Week Late Adventure

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Creator: Anarchy_Balsac Genre: NES-style Updated: 27 Oct 2015 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 139 Rating[?]: Rating: 2/5 (1 rating) Download Quest
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Small quest involving the gathering of 3 triforces before facing Ganon for the 4th. Each Temple has a theme.

Temple of Wisdom - Think, and Solve Puzzles.
Temple of Power - Fight, show your power.
Temple of Courage - Brave the great heights and don't fall (can't fall in Easy Mode)
Temple of Time - Warp between Past, Present, and Future to make your way to Ganon himself.
Ganon discovered the long lost 4th Triforce, the triforce of Time. He plans to use it to alter history in his favor, you must stop him.
Tips & Cheats
Beat the dungeons in order, the get harder and harder and having the HC from the previous dungeon helps. Also explore before entering any dungeons, as you will benefit greatly from it. And of course, bomb walls and burn trees.