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Randomizer BS Zelda Version

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Creator: HeroOfFire Genre: Scripted Updated: 22 Nov 2014 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 1050 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.71/5 (6 ratings) Download Quest
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Similar to the other Randomizer Quests, the main gimmick is all the items are shuffled around. Unlike the previous Randomizers, this quest takes place in the BS Zelda overworlds which are a little more linear in design. The same could be said about the BS dungeons, so I also created two more sets of dungeons to add variety.

Item collection is tracked, and item completion is a smaller 133. Not including bonus content, but why would there be any of that?

Based on the time mechanic of the original games, every so often something special will happen that helps out. Will you get unlimited sword beams? Better rupee collection? Infinite bombs? Take advantage of these bonuses, most are short lived.

New to this randomizer (and added as an update to the Super Randomizer) is the ability to use seeds for the randomizer. A seed as a 16 digit number that will reproduce the same results when used... assuming you also enable the same randomizer custom options. This means you can share your specific item arrangement with other players.
Years ago Japan got a pair of games known as either BS Zelda or the official 3rd and 4th quests. These games were heavily based on the original Legend of Zelda gameplay, with a couple of advancements (and a time limit). Now, you can explore those games recreated in the NES tileset.

Oh, and rescue Zelda from Ganon, The fairy will show you the way...
Tips & Cheats
Most key items appear in early dungeons, so try to clear them out first.

Pay attention to the clues to find dungeon locations... including the Level 9s.

Unlike the original Legend of Zelda, the two BS Zelda games took place in very different overworlds. You can travel between them with a warp tile near the start or the warp rings.

Secret content? What secret content. Although you should wait until you can cross water easier...

1.01 Bugfix: Fixed an issue with certain weapons messing with important animation frames
Nintendo and St. Giga for the BS Zelda games.
The BS Zelda Homepage for the detailed maps used to recreate the games.
VG music for the midi files.

Thanks to all the testers who helped find bugs or suggest design fixes.