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Isle of Rebirth

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Creator: Evan20000 Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 28 Feb 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 6152 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.74/5 (53 ratings) Download Quest
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Quest updated on 2-28-16

-Lowered damage on Crabalt and Leevers.
-Greatly reduced Wind effect duration and added a cooldown before it can be reapplied.
-Increased duration for the final boss' glyphs before they become active giving you more warning to get out of the way.
-Lots of misc small fixes.
-Bug Fixed in Blighted Abyss

12-20-15: Increased delay on Scourge when he finishes an attack.

7-22-15 Update:
-Fixed a bug with the new item from the bonus boss. Subscreen will look a little weird, but it doesn't bother me enough to remake the subscreen entirely to fix this.

7-11-15 Update:
Update completely backwards compatible. I wanted to do a lot more with this update, but I kinda burnt out on ZC so here's what we got. Mostly bugfixes and a few small balance tweaks. Highlights include:

-Moldorm Prime health reduced from 48 to 36, but bombs are slightly less effective.
-Bonus boss summons Death Knights much less frequently and should never summon twice in a row.
-Medusa summons bubble enemies instead of hugbos.
-New secret boss added on Normal and Hero difficulties. Drops an item comparible to the prize for the current bonus boss.
-New secret boss is a complete sidegrade from the current bonus boss; the conditions for the quest's ultimate prize can be met by beating this boss on Hero Mode.

This is my first quest, but it features:

- Adjustable difficulty settings
- Large gameboy-like overworld
- Sprawling, complex dungeons
- New challenging boss fights
- Headscratching puzzles
- Sidequests
- Estimated 25+ hours of gameplay
Link arrives on the island of Remdra to rescue Zelda from what seems to be a plot to revive Ganon, but he instead uncovers something far more sinister.
Tips & Cheats
This quest is definitely on the difficult side, especially the boss fights. Throughout the game there are shops that can sell you a hint to defeat a particular dungeon boss. In addition, you can always lower the difficulty of the quest globally if you feel it's still too much.

As for some general tips:
- Explore the overworld for heart pieces. Before each dungeon you can get at least one additional heart if you look hard enough. This quest's difficulty is significantly migitated if you keep yourself healthy.
- Try using all of your items. If you try and treat this quest's combat like a lot of other quests (Sword+Boomerang everything, etc...), you're going to be in for a rude awakening. Many of the items have been rebalanced or given new functionality to make them more useful.
- If you're having difficulty on a puzzle, try looking at it from a different angle.

If you're still stuck, just head over to the help thread here.
Finish the game to see the full credits. Special thanks to Moosh and Spaceman Dan. This would not have been possible without them.

If I forgot you, just shoot me a PM.