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Quest of Light

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Creator: AtrusW0nder Genre: NES-style Updated: 26 Oct 2017 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 848 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.53/5 (14 ratings) Download Quest
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This is a sequel to Quest of Darkness where you play as the villain who destroyed the Hero of Light. This one is my first quest that is closest to the classic NES style. It's really fun, trust me! Give it a shot and please rate it.

If you like exploration similar to the Zelda 1 overworld map layout, then you'll love this one. It has a huge overworld to explore - two overworld screens combined in one. However, I don't take credit for it. I had a friend make the overworld for me. I did everything else: dungeons, enemies, hiding items, and overall planning.
The Hero of Light is resurrected to destroy the Dark Lord. Revenge Time! ...Simple story for a simple quest.
Tips & Cheats
Secrets such as burnable bushes are numerous and very subtle. Keep your eyes open and look closely.
Levels are not numbered, but rather they have indications in the entrance to signify what items you should have before entering. You'll see what I mean.
LinkFan212, ShinningLighteningBolt, and TwilightPrince123 for play-testing.
Nintendo, Purezc, and all my quest fans! Leave comments to let me know how you think I did.
Avataro for taking the time to decorate the overworld some more better than I did. Looks great now! Thanks Avataro!
Also, it seems this map was taken by an old sega game called Golden Ax. So credit to Sega and the creators of Golden ax.