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TLoZ: Flashback 2nd Quest

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Creator: Eddy Genre: NES-style Updated: 22 Nov 2014 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 343 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.17/5 (5 ratings) Download Quest
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Changes from the 1st Flashback quest:
- Moved Heart Containers
- Moved dungeon locations (minus Levels 0 and 9)
- New dungeon layouts
- New item movements
- A couple new enemies
- An enemy colour scheme (in the order of: Red < Blue < Green < Level Colour)
- Many more!

Make sure you play this quest with the zelda.nsf to hear the music.

UPDATE 1: Fixed doors.
UPDATE 2: I'm pretty stupid for fixing this but, Level 0's map has been fixed properly, removing that random extra spot on the map.
UPDATE 3: Fixed up a couple enemy balancing issues and recoloured a few enemies.
Same as Zelda 1, not much of a difference.
Tips & Cheats
- This quest has odd gimmicks with stairs. In Levels 3, 8 and 9, try to enter the same staircase, it will send you to different locations in the same dungeon.
- You can have access to potions as soon as you get the Blue Candle. Make sure you always carry potions with you for those tough dungeons!
- Revisit old dungeon locations from the 1st quest. You can find some neat stuff.
- The Lens is in Level 5, once you get it, feel free to abuse it.
- The Magic Book, Magic Key and Golden Arrows are NOT available in this quest.
- Nintendo for The Legend of Zelda
- Big thanks to Avataro, LunarRedMage and AtrusW0nder for beta-testing and giving some feedback.
- Other people I forgot to mention, thank you too!