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Quest 744: Legacy Edition

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Creator: Ben Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 06 Mar 2020 ZC Version: 2.53 Downloads: 3257 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.62/5 (36 ratings) Download Quest
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DOWNLOAD THE SOUNDTRACK FOR THIS QUEST HERE: https://www.dropbox....dmusic.zip?dl=1

If you don't download this, most of the quest will have no music.

Extract the music files to the same directory as the quest file. If the music still does not play, delete "ag.cfg" from your Zelda Classic directory and then relaunch the game.




Quest 744: Legacy Edition is a Link-to-the-Past-esque quest with two worlds, 12 dungeons, lots of scripted enemies and mechanics, and an arranged soundtrack of classic Zelda themes. It is of a moderate length, about 8 or 9 hours. The overall feel is much like A Link to the Past and many of the sounds, items, and bosses behave similarly. There is a Magic Mirror, you can leap down from certain ledges, and several Link to the Past enemies such as Ropas, Bari, Popo, and more make an appearance. The dungeon design is also an attempt at duplicating the design philosophy used for Link to the Past's famous dungeons.

The quest has also been designed to be played repeatedly. I would love to see speed runs, green tunic runs, or 3-heart runs of this quest.

I arranged the whole soundtrack, aside from boss theme and the "got a Crystal" jingle being MIDI files. See the disclaimer section above for the download link for said soundtrack. It is quite large -- sorry for those of you with slow connections, but I promise it's worth it!

I put a lot of time and effort into this quest. I hope you enjoy it. :)

Ganon has killed the king and princess, and taken over the Golden Land where the Triforce resides. Before they break out of the Golden Land and into the World of Light, 743 heroes were sent to stop him. They have not been heard from again.

A young teen named Link is the 744th hero to be sent. Will he be successful?

So basically there's not much story. Collect pendants, get the Master Sword, and then get eight (not seven) crystals.
Tips & Cheats
  • Don't just blindly use the sword on everything; it will make the quest much harder than it needs to be. Try using other items, such as bombs, the hookshot, or the boomerang on enemies who seem resistant to the sword!
  • You'll have to think a little differently about getting to some areas in this quest. Remember both the overworld layouts! Some areas can only be accessed using a hidden item.
  • Sometimes, a room is just a room. Maybe there's nothing in it...

Extra special thanks to Eppy37, Evan20k, Russ, TeamUDF, MetroidMST, and especially Jubbz and Moosh.

Graphics: Nick, LinkTheMaster, Nintendo, Sephiroth, Mr. Z, WildBill

Testers: Eppy37, Jubbz, Moosh, Evan20000, Uwe91

Additional Scripting: Russ, Moosh, Mr. Z, Evan20000, Jamian, LordVolcanon, Saffith, MoscowModder

P2 and L4 bosses (and variants): Saffith
L5, L6, and Final bosses: Moosh
L8 boss: Russ

Additional Sound Effects: HelptheWretched

Special Thanks for help with restoring Legacy Edition: ZoriaRPG

The music was all arranged or remixed by me; check out my Bandcamp pages at http://744music.bandcamp.com / http://sevenfortyfour.bandcamp.com, and my remixes at OCRemix.

And of course, thank you for playing! ~