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Creator: Saffith Genre: NES-style Updated: 22 Oct 2014 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 680 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.5/5 (11 ratings) Download Quest
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This quest is modeled after the original NES quests. It follows the same restrictions on screen and map design, for the most part, and generally tries to look and feel as much like the originals as possible.

Antiquity is two quests in one file. After finishing the first quest, loading the save again will start the second quest.

The quest is unpassworded, and all scripts used are in the buffer. Feel free to use them.

Update (2014-05-18): Disabled the peahats vulnerable to clocks rule for 2.50.1. Made the blue ring slightly easier to find in the second quest. Minor improvements to a couple of boss scripts.

Update (2014-10-22): Fixed a warp in quest 2, level 9.
Same as the NES game.
Tips & Cheats
Enter your name as EA'LDZ to skip to the second quest. (You can leave out the apostrophe if Allegro doesn't like your keyboard.)

There are no walk-through walls in the first quest, but the second quest has lots of them.

Pushable blocks are always in the same place in a given screen layout.
Sprites: BruceJuice, DarkWolf, Sonikku, Tom Guycott (Spriters Resource)
Testers (first quest): Bishop, cremeens1000, Ford Prefect, Mariolink263, vravelo
Testers (second quest): Artistic, judasrising, peteandwally, Schwa