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Second Quest Layered

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Creator: DaDoc540 Genre: NES-style Updated: 24 Dec 2013 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 473 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.75/5 (3 ratings) Download Quest
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After finishing my latest classic quest remixes, I thought I was finished with the Classic Overworld. While I remain most devoted to the Classic tileset, I was intent on creating a wholy new quest, as a Classic Overworld can only be used so many times.

It was when I realized that many, if not most, Classic Overworld quests (with varying tilesets) were of a single layer that I realized that one can still add depth to a Classic Overworld quest with one tweak: multiple layers. In this case, I took the original, Classic Overworld, restuctured it with my version of a Classic graphics pack (namely palette, tiles, and combos), and added multiple layers to create taller trees, larger boulders, fences for bridges, microblocks in dungeons, etc. I hope with this quest, one can see the potential of any good tileset, so long as one uses layering to add depth to an otherwise single layer map.

After the mostly positive feedback from First Quest Layered, I realized that a sequel was needed, so I crafted this quest with the same basic Overworld with small changes in topography and different locations of dungeons, items, and other secrets. This quest is slightly more difficult than its predecessor, particularly in puzzle solving.

As usual, I played this quest myself thoroughly and am certain everything should be working right. If there are any major bugs, do not rate the game, but do inform me and I will fix them as soon as I can. Also, I will continue to aesthetically update this quest as new tiles become available.

I hope you enjoy it.

(Update 5/20/13): Fixed/improved various aesthetics:
-Overworld, 4B: missing Layer 1 combos
-Overworld, 5E: removed unnecessary Secret Combo Flags from Tall Grass edges made obsolete by "Tall Grass –> Next" Combos
-Level 1, 52: removed unnecessary Secret Combo Flags from doorway
-White Sword Palace, 13: turned on lights in block puzzle room to conserve player's Magic meter upon retrials
-Level 8: restructured Side Warps transitioning from flooded to non-flooded areas
-Level 8, 51: replaced "Burn (Any)" flag with "Burn (Wand Fire)" flag to necessitate acquisition of Magic Book

(Update 5/23/13):
-Shop 0: (closest one to starting point is one screen northwest) sells Large Magic Jars for 25 Rupees instead of Life Potions to allow for easier Magic refills
-Overworld, screen 22: changed Shop to Potion Shop, now requires Mushroom (Letter) for commerce
-Overworld, screen 50: benign Moblin now offers advice instead of free Rupees
-Level 4, 02: teleport tile returns player just in front of the south doorway of the room, resets block puzzle to prevent player trapping oneself
-Level 6, 42-52: middle doorway is now open, while right doorway is locked to allow access to block maze, require acquisition of another key, and avoid preventing player from completing dungeon

(Update 12/24/13):
-Overhaul of dungeon wall aesthetics.
-Added a missing Map and Compass in Level 5.
The Triforce of Wisdom has been split into eight fragments, each hidden away in different underground labyrinths of Hyrule and guarded by formidable creatures. Only a Hero courageous, wise, and strong enough can reclaim the eight fragments and reassemble the Triforce of Courage to prove oneself worthy to challenge Ganon, the King of Thieves, who has been wreaking havoc upon the once prosperous Hyrule. Are you the one?
Tips & Cheats
Make sure you have attempted to push everything movable. Blocks cannot be pushed into solid items and sometimes have to be pushed in the right direction.

Obtaining Sword upgrades is no longer a simple matter of locating swordsmiths; they have to be earned by exploring Sword Palaces, one for the White Sword and another for the Magic Sword. The minimum Heart Container requirements still apply (five for White, twelve for Magic), but each Sword Palace boss drops a full Heart Container when slain.

Seven loose Heart Containers (i.e. those not dropped by slain dungeon bosses) have been split into twenty eight Heart Pieces. Most are scattered and hidden throughout the Overworld, but be on the lookout for a few hidden in dungeons as well.

This quest enforces the use of a Magic meter, which begins at four blocks. There are four extra Magic Containers hidden in either the Overworld or in one of the dungeons.

Visit Info booths around the Overworld and Old Men in dungeons for hints as to how and where to obtain certain items and where to find the entrance to certain dungeons.

The final few dungeons can be a challenge. Unless you have impeccable memory, I suggest players to write down notes, sketches, etc. when exploring the later dungeons. You do not want to forget where one-way shutters are located!

While most of the enemies are the same as before, others have been changed dramatically. Three notable examples are the Lynel, the Gibdo, and the Pols Voice:
-Lynels no longer pause to shoot fire blasts and now charge at you when standing in its line of sight.
-Gibdos can now grab onto you and drain your vitality until destroyed.
-Pols Voice are no longer very weak to arrows but can be instantly killed with something else; however, the Ocarina (Whistle) is not effective enough to injure the ears.
Shigeru Miyamoto, Koji Kondo, and Nintendo for the Legend of Zelda franchise
Armageddon Games for Zelda Classic and Zelda Quest
Teilyr for the How To: Over-Under BridgesT

Anthus for the 64x64 Large Trees for Classic
Koh for New Classic Link tiles
Lightwulf for the Diagonal Wall and 1st-Tier-Down tiles for the Classic Dungeon

MUSIC, all from www.vgmusic.com
(Title, Game, Sequencer, all from Koji Kondo unless indicated)
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