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The Hero's Memory

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Creator: Aevin Genre: NES-style Updated: 02 Jun 2016 ZC Version: 2.50 Downloads: 2587 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.65/5 (39 ratings) Download Quest
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My love letter to the Zelda series, made from a highly customized Pure tileset and featuring some midis sequenced or composed by yours truly especially for this quest. I can't promise it's the best thing ever, but I will say that a year of hard work and a lot of heart went into its making.

- Explore a big overworld with tons of secrets in the style of the original Zelda
- Challenge 9 dungeons and 4 mini-dungeons inspired by Zelda series classics
- Experience non-linear game play and beat dungeons in many different orders
- Battle many familiar enemies spanning most of the Zelda series
- Accessible difficulty with plenty of ways to challenge yourself
- Unique puzzles and environments created completely without scripting

Update - 6/1/2016
-Removed slow walk combos for underwater areas.
-Saving inside dungeons now starts you inside the dungeons on load.
-Removed all but one door repair.
-Made some adjustments to a few boss rooms to try to put a unique spin on some of the Zelda 1 bosses.
-Changed a few unfair enemy and room layouts. (No more red bubble + Lv2 Gibdos).
-Removed 1-way shutter traps that were impossible to deduce from visited areas on the map.
-Fixed level 3's mixed up palette.
-Provided better clues for a couple of obscure secrets (including the path to level eight).
-Fixed numerous tile errors and other small aesthetic issues.
-The time of the ancient heroes has long passed ... But their legends live on.-

A boy awakes on a strange island, with monsters all around him and not a single memory in his head. His only clue? An alien voice echoing deep within the chambers of his mind:

“The Temples ... Seek answers in the Temples ...”

With only a flimsy shield and the clothes on his back, he sets out in search of the truth.
Tips & Cheats
- If the dungeons start to get frustrating, try taking a break to search the overworld for powerups.
- As in the original Zelda, dungeons can be completed out of order, but some require items from earlier levels. It should be clear when you're missing something you need.
-The later levels have many hidden bomb and walk-through walls. The lens is available on the overworld after getting a bomb upgrade, so if this bothers you, find it as soon as possible.
Zelda Classic by Armageddon Games
Pure Tileset Update Extreme by Mr. Z
Original Zelda games copyright Nintendo

Graphics and Music:
Way too many to name. Please see the credits file or beat the game for a full list of credits.