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An Ordinary Quest

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Creator: Sinfex Genre: Dungeon Romper Updated: 04 Dec 2008 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 301 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.83/5 (5 ratings) Download Quest
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A long time ago... One man decided to make a Quest. This was that quest.

Well my first quest. (Well... that's a lie, I made two before this. they sucked. A lot.) Doesn't really do anything creative with the system. Anyway This Quest has a 8 X 16 overworld, 9 Dungeons, and a total of 52 Heart Pieces. Two in each overworld section (And two in a mini-dungeon that's required to go through) and 4 in every Dungeon. (Except for the last one)

Isn't passworded so if you get stuck you can just cheat.

UPDATE: Fixed Something in Level 9

UPDATE 2: Added Screenshots.
Ganon has kidnapped Zelda, Link must save her. Most creative story EVER.
Tips & Cheats
Get the White Sword and Blue Ring as soon as possible. They make the quest SO much easier.
Credit to me for making this quest. Also credit to BikdipOnABus aka 'Jish' for a couple of stolen errr... borrowed ideas for Dungeons.