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TLoZ: Ballad of a Bloodline

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Creator: CastChaos Genre: Story-driven Updated: 01 Apr 2009 ZC Version: 2.10 Downloads: 632 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.69/5 (50 ratings) Download Quest
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This story type DoR quest was started one and half a year ago, aiming to reach all players and fit in the Zelda timeline right after ALttP, but eventually I patched the quest with ideas from many games (mostly Ultima, Mega Man and Final Fantasy) and created an own story, the first episode of the Bloodline Saga.

The new thing is that the main character isn't Link, rather Knil and he has a girlfriend, Myra. You can explore two worlds with them, collecting three kind of main collectibles (Triforce piece aka Lightforce piece is just one of them). Also, Ganon is entirely out from the game, the head villain is Vaati.

-Altogether about 7 and a half size of mass overworlds
-12 mandatory big dungeons
-8 subdungeons
-1 mandatory minidungeon
-3 secret dungeons
-1 small and 2 big sidequests
-13 custom bosses not counting the final boss
-3 main endings and some secret ones
-ALL items used
-some events/plot twists heavily directed towards affecting your emotions
-many custom enemy and item tiles
-cameos from games and from PureZC

The first overworld starts out as almost simple, then the complexity of lands and dungeons keep increasing til the last dungeons where I needed to use 5-7 DMaps for one floor. The difficulty is quite high, but you can use ZC player tricks at many places and you also can find HCPs and bomb upgrades fast. There are graphics from many different tilesets and sprite resources, including many custom (or mostly just edited) ones. Music is partially from VGmusic, but the official maestro was Nuvo.

Note that Knil&Myra's first goal is to escape from Hyrule. As soon as they accomplish that, you shall never return to the Light World, not to the Hyrule as you knew it... so if you don't get an item in Hyrule, you never can go back to it. Considering things like that only the Light World has magic containers, we can say that how you play in the beginning determines what can you do... outside of... "Hyrule". Before and after that, pay attention to any clues and speak with all NPCs, because the road from one mandatory place to the next one isn't framed with airstation reflectors. I provide any help you need if you stuck, so relax.

The ZIP file contains no fly, but a ReadMe file that holds important and maybe interesting information, also a new SFX.dat file with sound effects specially for BB (mostly from ALttP). Move the original SFX.dat to a safe folder, before pasting BB's SFX.dat into your 2.10 folder.

This makes me remember, use ZC2.10.0 if you want to minimalize the amount of bugs, which is, hopefully, zero if you indeed use 2.10.

For more information, please visit
www.bbflashsite.co.nr made by Twilight_Knight



Update 1: [19. Nov. '08] Fixed many bugs, including the elimination of many blank warps. Improved design at 2 places. Improved credits. There's an urgent bugfix for ALL bosses, so download as soon as possible!

Update 2: [22. Nov. '08] Fixed many smaller and huge bugs from beginning to last dungeon. Added Hungarian and Dutch ReadMe files!

Update 3: [03. Dec. '08] Fixed many bugs, mostly involving warps. Added cheats, I hand them to those in need (permanently stuck or such).

Update 4: [15. Dec. '08] Various little and big bugfixes. Credit amendment.

Update 5: [1. Apr. '09] Some huge bugs and a whole lot of graphical issues fixed.
As people know nowadays...

"There was a perfect period of complete peace, ended by a horrible war that never wanted to cease. Then came the Hero with the Sword and banished the darkness back to an 'other world'. Ever since adventuring is forbidden to avoid such wars."
However, approximately 16 years ago, strange things started to happen including an 'insane' storm, a riot at the castle, hiring of Darknuts, yellow triangles flying through the air, isolation of the royal family...
Today there are two youngsters whose desire to escape the tyrannic pressure of Hyrule and its adventure forbidding rule. Their names are Knil&Myra. This their story... this is their ballad...
Tips & Cheats
Please do read the ReadMe.
You need to scavenge hunt for some items before being able to get even near the first dungeon.
Pay attention for the conversation that takes place while getting the wooden boomerang, it sums up where are the first 3 dungeons.
At Mt.Death, you'd better see the Gorons (south) before going to the second dungeon.
If you get lost in Lost Woods, pay attention for an oddly coloured minitree.
Later dungeons, that are accessed only once, doesn't have HCP or comeback HCP and their subdungeon is outside of them.
Listen well to the Happy Mask Salesman whenever you find him.
Radien (DoR/2.0), Wild Bill (Pure), Mr.Z (PTUX), Orion (ALttP set), Xavier (CoD), NoeL (TNA, Prophecies), Migokalle (Old Lufia set), Peteo (MMDWR set)

Title screen:
Anthus (background), Sludge (Triforce)

Loose tiles:
Sharon Daniel, NoeL, Radien, king-n, xXVolvagiaXx, Shadow Tiger, Revfan9, Prince MSC, Twilight_Knight, Jonathan, The Shyguy Kingdom, Akkabus, Echo, Taco Chopper, Pheonix, Ricky of Kokiri, Master Maniac, blaman, beefster

Nuvo, VGmusic

Other works:
HttD tileset
Dutch ReadMe by Twilight_Knight

Those whos beta tested BB at least through 1 full area:
Twilight_Knight, rocksfan13, Nuvo, Schwa, Sephiroth, Nine Lives, Zeldd, Ricky of Kokiri, jerome, Lord Ike

Special Thanks:
Twilight_Knight: file hosting, site making
Nuvo: music, story ideas
rocksfan13: taught one timed events

This quest would have been scrapped if it wasn't for the following people:
Nuvo, Shoelace, Twilight_Knight

Must give credit to:
Origin Systems and Richard Garriot; Capcom and Keiji Inafune; Squaresoft; and if we are already at companies, NINTENDO

And YOU for playing.