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4 Temples 2: Fate of The Triforce by Kivitoe
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 10 Aug 2016 Posted: 10 Aug 2016 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 2.4/5 (4 ratings) Information:
The sequel to the original 4 Temples. Features a Full-size overworld and 5 dungeons.
A Tribute to Yeto's Quest by TheOnlyOne
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 30 May 2016 Posted: 29 May 2016 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.07/5 (14 ratings) Information:
After enjoying playing Yeto's Quest, I wanted to create a quest which provided many of the positive experiences I had while playing it, without any of the serious flaws many people found in the quest.
Ballad of a Bloodline Deluxe by Twilight Knight , CastChaos
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 01 Apr 2019 Posted: 14 Nov 2018 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.6/5 (4 ratings) Information:
The deluxe version of my favorite quest, Ballad of a Bloodline by CastChaos. The focus was on adding 2.5 elements (it was originally for 2.10), making the quest smoother, adding a few new areas and items, in other words: polishing what in my opinion is a gemstone.
Bikdip's Adventure 2: Electric Boogaloo by Jish
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 30 Jan 2009 Posted: 30 Jan 2009 ZC Version: ZC 1.90 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.48/5 (20 ratings) Information:
The long-awaited (at least by me) and often-delayed sequel of Bikdip's Adventure is finally completed! Please don't let the crappiness of the first quest deter you from trying this one out. It was my first quest, and I didn't really know what I was getting into. This one is infinitely better in all aspects. It features all of the following:

* 9 Complete Levels, each with a distinct theme - some standard dungeon, some sidescrolling, and some "other"
* Cutscenes to progress the plot - they don [View Full Description]
Eiyuu by Teamudf
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 04 Jan 2015 Posted: 11 Jul 2014 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.78/5 (31 ratings) Information:
Eiyuu is my first submitted ZC project, but the second quest I have worked on rigorously. It is a prequel to my main project. Eiyuu has a unique story with a cast of brand-new characters and will mainly serve as an experiment in game play, storytelling, and new items. The theme of the quest is explore.
Herald of Heroes by TheRock , MischeviousMalfais
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 03 Mar 2018 Posted: 24 Feb 2018 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.13/5 (7 ratings) Information:
Herald of Heroes is a story-based, dungeon-romping quest. It takes place 100 years after the Hero of Time and Princess Zelda were defeated by pig Ganon. It features amazing dungeons by TheRock, and story by CMC2000.
Light of the Heavens 3.0 by Russ
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 04 Feb 2015 Posted: 28 Dec 2014 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.56/5 (15 ratings) Information:
A remake of my first quest, Light of the Heavens 3.0 offers a story-driven adventure, filled with mind-bending puzzles, challenging foes, and otherworldly locations.
Light Within, the (1.0) (U) [!] by Sora of Pen
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 14 Feb 2013 Posted: 20 Jan 2013 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 1.33/5 (8 ratings) Information:
This is one of the longest quests I've worked on! I'm still not done making the game! This is the completed first quest!

In The Light Within you play as the fallen demonlord Sora. Your objective is to find and destroy the 6 Balls of Light in order to unlock the final level of Pencil Tower and defeat your light side! If we consider 1 hour 3 months, or 1 season, you have 4 hours or 1 game year to complete this task on normal mode (My recommended difficulty). Time really doesn't matter, but it a [View Full Description]
Link in the Lost Sky by superpatch13
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 09 Feb 2014 Posted: 25 Dec 2010 ZC Version: ZC 2.10 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.6/5 (4 ratings) Information:
My 2nd game (1st under username nitrosmile as "Hero of Lowrule"). I've been working on this since June, so i hope you like it! Posted Image

UPDATE: Key Glitch is now fixed
Update V2: Glitch Fixed, Item Changed
Update V3: fixed door that made the game semi-impossible to beat.
Link's Retirement 3: "A Stitch in Time" by Rocksfan13
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 09 May 2016 Posted: 03 May 2006 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.1 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.92/5 (11 ratings) Information:
Fixed issue where getting raft before the magic boomerang would short you one key and make it impossible to get the magic boomerang.

5/9/2016 Quest updated to work with 2.5 ONLY!!
Lost Identity by RedTribeLink
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 28 Jul 2015 Posted: 29 Mar 2014 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.6/5 (4 ratings) Information:
UPDATE 7-28-15:
This is a major update to my first quest. When looking back at this, I felt it was too goofy and was riddled with too many bugs, enough to where I decided to give one last update. This is not Lost Identity DX. That game is still in the works. I just wanted to make this game more balanced, make it less "inside joke heavy", and overall make it smoother to play. Read the description for more info.
Lost Isle by DarkFlameWolf , Peteo
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 14 Feb 2013 Posted: 24 Jul 2007 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.64/5 (89 ratings) Information:
Over 2 years in the making, the first full group collaboration quest has finally been completed. Lost Isle takes you on a journey to a deserted island where the formal inhabitants have suffered a catastrophic event and all that remains is the dead and the decaying. A sinister story unfolds the further you explore the island and evil secrets are revealed as you get closer and closer to the true evil that is conspiring against you. You will travel ... [View Full Description]
MegaMan: Dr.Wily's Revenge - Director's Cut by Peteo
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 04 Dec 2004 Posted: 04 Dec 2004 ZC Version: ZC 1.92 B182 Rating[?]: Rating: 4.36/5 (55 ratings) Information:
The ultimate and final version of MMDWR. The already huge quest got even bigger when I added 2 new levels, new cutscenes and the 10 hidden extra statues.
I made various graphical and musical enhancements, improved the already existing levels, and the most important thing for many people: I lowered the difficulty of the quest drastically. The insanely hard quest became beatable for everyone. But there are still tough challenges for very skillful ... [View Full Description]
Melvin the Moblin by Smiles the Death Bringer
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 25 Jan 2018 Posted: 27 Dec 2017 ZC Version: ZC 2.50.2 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (4 ratings) Information:
Melvin the Moblin is a quest that I have been working on for 9 years now. It's filled with large complex dungeons, a massive world, and plenty of side quests to do.
One More Journey by 2024
Genre: Story-driven Updated: 14 Sep 2014 Posted: 27 Aug 2014 ZC Version: ZC 2.50 Rating[?]: Rating: 3.75/5 (7 ratings) Information:
A rather straightforward, simple quest with some attempts in originality and a small plot. The music used for it can be found here: http://www.mediafire...3m33po/OMJ2.zip

(for those who don't know, simply extract the audio files in your zelda classic folder)

QUICK UPDATE: Fixed/Altered a few glitchy parts.

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