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Legend of Zirconians and Skylanders.

Demo 1.0

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Genre: NES-style Added: 22 Nov 2020 Downloads: 18 Rating[?]:
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The Legend of Zirconians and Skylanders

Demo 1: Preparation of future knight
Genre: SNes-Style like, with storyline

Zc version: 2.53.1

Author: Nyrox

Story Demo: Nox lives with his grand-father and her grand-mother at Zirconia town. He will become Zirconian Knight. The way will be long.

Music download : https://www.dropbox...._music.zip?dl=0

This is my second quest. A major project. I put a lot of time and effort into it to develop it. I have over 15k lines of script code so far. Shop, Game shop, NPC interaction and some gameplay in dungeons are scripted. You have a translator system change language to English or French.

sorry for my bad english there, but My girl and Epsalon DX pass over the most strings of the demo to fix that :P



Posted 24 November 2020 - 09:56 PM
where is the chocolate please????????????????