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Vintage Dreams Tileset

Beta 0.1.3

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Genre: Other Added: 02 Sep 2019 Downloads: 34 Rating[?]:
Incomplete changelog for Beta v0.1.3:

1. A few additional palettes have been added, not as many as I would have wanted.
2. More pre-combo'ed tiles, will wait for further feedback before adding more.
3. Fixed various small bugs of a wide variety, though there are still known bugs.
4. Some additional graphics, I don't recall if we added any of the various missing GB Zelda graphics in this update or not.
5. Main script file should now compile on all OSes, and it should be updated to work with 2.53 without issues. (It compiles in it for me).

Of note: I did not gutt out weapons.std yet, since I didn't have the energy to remake the two items that depend on it currently (fire and ice rods).


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