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Off The Fence: D3

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Genre: Dungeon Romper Added: 15 Dec 2018 Downloads: 33 Rating[?]: Rating: 4/5 (1 rating)
*** Important Notice ***

This demo is hosted externally because the TRIFORCE quest file is too large to submit to PureZC's database due to limit restrictions. Please click on the following link to download the newest TRIFORCE demo:

Download Here!!!

Off The Fence: TRIFORCE Demo 3

Finally! A new TRIFORCE demo after years of not submitting anything. I titled this demo "Off the Fence" because the purpose of this demo is to try to convince anybody who's been on the fence about this quest to get off the fence. This demo should convince you whether if you're going to love this quest or if you're not going to love it. At least we know if you don't love it, you'll be able to hype yourself and eagerly anticipate many of the other great upcoming quests on PureZC.

Here's hoping otherwise this quest gathers new fans.

I timed the release of this demo almost spontaneously, specifically to be featured a couple of weeks before the Christmas because I figured it would be a great idea provide a few hours of entertainment to the PureZC community while they eagerly await Christmas Day.

I've been working on TRIFORCE for years, and I can say without a doubt that this is my most dedicated and ambitious project to date!

This quest gets many of its inspirations from quests like Link's Quest for the Hookshot 2, Isle of Rebirth, and The Forbidden City, and you'll see the similarities. Hopefully this quest proves to live up to the amazing quests that it's inspired of. TRIFORCE is a quest also known for its very unique overworld style that I dub "TRIFORCE style" and it has since been adapted by Moosh in his update to Link's Quest for the Hookshot 2 and many of the enhanced classic overworlds you see today. You could say this quest is the quest that pioneered this unique art style.

We hope you enjoy either playing this quest for your first time or revisiting this quest after years of silence.

  • This demo contains 3 full dungeons.
  • Demo ends after the first real cutscene of the quest which triggers once you have the Triforce of Wisdom and 2 treasures of King Eppy the II.
  • Like Isle of Rebirth and the quests that this quest takes inspiration off of, the bosses are no pushovers. If you're having trouble, I suggest learning how to use the Danger Candy item and perhaps invest in a Blue Ring.
  • Even though this quest contains 2 dungeons, there's a lot to explore outside of the dungeon as nearly the entire overworld is accessible the moment you finish Level 1.


Rating: 5/5

Posted 31 December 2018 - 09:30 PM
So, finally got the time to write a review for this demo.

NJF has been outdoing himself with this masterpiece in course. The gameplay and design will keep you entertained for a long time.

The overworld is beautifully crafted with a fresh new look on the classic tileset. Not only that, but the dungeons are quite a riddle to solve. NJF commented that he has taken inspiration on dungeon design from big titles like Isle of Rebirth, Forbidden City and so on; boy he has surely followed a similar formula.

A lot of thought and heart is also put into place. Given it is a joke quest after all, it isn't your typical case. With a few twists here and there, the humor is meant to give the player a memorable experience.

However, this isn't a quest meant for newbies. It does have a certain difficulty curve for those who have a while with Zelda Classic. From a 0 to 10, it starts around a difficulty of 4. You really need to pay attention to the clues hidden around the dungeons, or advice you can read from bookshelfs inside a few houses. Exploration is key to this quest.

TRIFORCE promises to deliver a unique experience. NJF has told me behind the scenes details and future plans, so I can assure this has its place to be one of the greatest entries in PZC of all time. Till now, I highly recommend giving the demo a try out at least. :D
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