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Zeldanoid (Arkanoid)

Alpha 0.33

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Genre: Other Added: 02 Sep 2018 Downloads: 8 Rating[?]:
Latest build, made in 2.55-Preliminary-8.

If you want to try it, use this build of ZC to run it.

DO NOT OVERWRITE your normal ZC path with this! Un-ZIP it to its own folder/directory!

You can review the quest and script changelog in the demo details, and you can [url=https://pastebin.com/xS9XNHF9]view the script here[/url

This adds most power-ups (Laser, Catch, Extend, Slow, Extra Vaus), fixes some paddle hit zones, and corrects some physics bugs.

It has new, expanded mouse modes. Press (Shift+M) keys on your keyboard after the vaus paddle appears to try my default mouse movement (works in windowed mode, and in fullscreen). That's a relational mouse mode. You can increase, or decrease the relative distance with the V and C keys, respectively.

Shift+M: Enable Mouse with 'fast_mouse' set to '2'.
M: Enable Mouse.
N: Disable Mouse (No Mouse)
F: Faster Joystick/Keyboard
G: Granular (Slow Joystick/Keyboard)
V: Very Fast Mouse, press more than once to increase speed. I suggest using this mode over Mouse, but you MUST enable Mouse, first.
C: Calm Mouse: Slows the 'fast_mouse' mode down by one notch. The valid range is 0 - 6, IIRC.


/// Changes, Revision History
/// Alpha 0.16: Reverted Alpha 0.15 changes back to before adding any angular physics.
/// Then, re-implemented ONLY the Vaus midpoint physics.
/// Fixed the hack for UID in brick.take_hit(). This means that ZC 2.54 Alpha **32** is now the minimum ZC version.

///Alpha 0.18: Added 'fast mouse' mode, enabled using V to increase the fast mouse speed, and C to decrease it.
/// The mouse mode must be enabled for this to function!
/// Fast Mouse moves the Vaus N pixels per frame, based on the distance that the mouse travels * fast_mouse.

///Alpha 0.19: Added a frame check to keyboard keys V and B.

///Alpha 0.20: Added an ffc script that reports the version when assigning slots after compiling.

///Alpha 0.21: Added code for advancing to the next stage.

///Alpha 0.22: Fixed code for level advancement. Added second stage.
///Alpha 0.23: Fixed brick.all_gone() counting gold bricks.
///Alpha 0.24: Fixed a bug in ball.check_rightwall() where a right-up moving ball was set to a right-ward angle/dir on contact.
/// : This was the cause of the ball falling like a stone.
/// : Fixed a bug where angles that we were comparing against in ball.check_hitvaus() had the wrong equality constants,
/// : and thus, were returning false.
/// : Added hold_Link_y() to the additional while loops so that the player can't escape that screen by holding directions
/// : on the single frame where that loop runs.
///Alpha 0.25: Added capsule class, and set up base functions, to generate capsules and make them fall.
/// : Capsules now appear int he game, but as of this time, they do not activate any power-ups.
///Alpha 0.26: Added more capsule functions.
///Alpha 0.27: Wrote capsule.check_hitvaus() and polished other capsule functions, adding traces to test them.
/// : Added drawover() functions to capsule and ball classes.
/// : Added extend state capabilities to game. Extend capsules now extend the Vaus.
/// : Added slow capsule powerups that function.
/// : Added Extra Vaus powerups that function.
///Alpha 0.28: Converted capsules to eweapons.
/// : Fixed extended movement with both KB/JP and Mouse.
///Alpha 0.29: Added laser sprite change on powerup collection. Refactored powerup sounds.
/// : Refactor extend status to be controlled by the capsules, and added capsule.alloff(ffc), called on stage end or death.
/// : Added more sound effects.
/// : Added POINTS on collecting capsules. Capsule points are set in itemdata->Attributes[1].
/// : Began adding extra life on score reaching certain numbers.
/// : Added high_score, and score clear system.
/// : Extra life from points set to 1000. Capsules award 10 points each.
/// : Shift+M now enabled mouse and sets fast_mouse = 2;
///Alpha 0.30: Fixed timing for music playing and vaus spawning, and fixed visual bugs created by calling capsule.alloff() with improper sequencing.
/// : Made Link's base shieldless down tile blank, to hide graphical glitch caused by the continue script not running before Link is drawn.
///Alpha 0.31: Refactored ball.check_hitvaus() to correct angles and locations, adding paddle.centre() and paddle.get_segment() to return areas.
/// : Added paddle zone debug drawlines, enabled using config DEBUG_MIDPOINTS.
///Alpha 0.32: Added complete laser powerup.
///Alpha 0.33: Added complete catch powerup.
/// :


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