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Zeldanoid (Arkanoid)

Alpha 0.22

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Genre: Other Added: 24 Aug 2018 Downloads: 4 Rating[?]:
Here's a small public demo of Alpha Build 0.22, with two stages.

Requires [url=http://timelord.insomnia247.nl/zc/zc_dev/2.55_Win_Preliminary-4--fix-switch-case.zip]ZC 2.54 Alpha 35 (or above) to play.

Do not OVERWRITE your normal ZC install with this!!

There are still some bugs related to certain angles and velocities.


M: Enable Mouse.
N: Disable Mouse (No Mouse)
F: Faster Joystick
G: Granular (slow joystick)
V: Very Fast Mouse, press more than once to increase speed. I suggest using this mode over Mouse, but you MUST enable Mouse, first.
C: Calm Mouse: Slows the very fast mouse mode down by one notch. The valid range is 0 - 6, IIRC.

The game script is in the buffer.


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