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TLoZ: Link's Rise 2

Demo #2

(1.02 MB)
Genre: NES-style Added: 16 May 2018 Downloads: 19 Rating[?]:
My personal testing is complete for this demo. Changes have been made to existing parts of the overworld as well as new areas have been added. As before, tell me about any bugs found ~ (Difficulty and dungeon design count in this for me) ~ This is so that I may squash them ASAP. I want this game to be as complete as possible. This demo ends after you complete the Pale Temple. No more demos will be released (Unless heavily demanded). Un-decorated screens or ones that lack enemies are un-built parts of the quest, and will be made within the full release. Some completed areas are closed off as they are for a later part of the quest that is not yet built. Thanks for any and all feedback.


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