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Ocarina of Time Classic

Demo 0.2 (Bugfix)

(2.3 MB)
Genre: Story-driven Added: 20 Apr 2017 Downloads: 27 Rating[?]:
-Fixed graphical bug where 5 seed ammo drops were displayed as 30.
-Fixed graphical bug that caused seeds to be invisible when shot horizontally.
-Fixed bug in which picking up the slingshot caused a nonexistent string to appear (now correctly identifies the pickup).
-Picking up the slingshot now fills your seed bullet bag.
-Fixed bug that caused Ice Arrows to appear in your inventory when you picked up the slingshot.
-Nerfed Level 1 boss, since it seemed a little unfairly hard to need 6 shots to kill when you can't block fireballs, now requires 3 shots.
-Added Lost Woods, 3 more secrets.

Still a very short demo (Only Kokiri Forest, 1 very short mini-dungeon and Level 1), assuming there are no more bugs to be fixed, the next demo will go up to level 2

Note: Breaks save file. Not sure why; the min. quest version is set to 0.1.

Outdated Demo, please use the most recent release.


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