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The Legend Of Zelda: the Dark Treasure

Dark Treasure

(2.85 MB)
Genre: NES-style Added: 22 Sep 2016 Downloads: 29 Rating[?]:
This is my first quest and my first demo i publish here. i hope you will enjoy it i made all what i can do

Story: The princess Zelda is been captured again by Ganon and Link must save her but he will need the 8 triforce pieces and he must fight against the new dangers solves news puzzles and more.

Note: I not sure if the quest is good but when i will have the scripts and helps i need the game will be more better so don't worry about this quest

Important: I made a french quest but if you want the quest can be in english. This demo finish on the Death Mountain.

Note 2: If you want to helps me on my quest send me a private message because i just put a password on my quest. All helps are welcome
to enjoy more the game you will need the music for this quest there is the link: http://download1.med...2u7xu6/Music.7z


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