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James Quest: Sidestory

Demo 6.5

(5.39 MB)
Genre: Story-driven Added: 08 Mar 2023 Downloads: 6 Rating[?]:
This is the version used at my first presentation of the quest after the Cambria Contest.


1, Implement Peacemaker (P-Tux is doing the Bazooka sprites) (in progress)
2. Implement Baby's cutscene (in progress)
3. Implement James Quest Mirror Shield and Zenethian Shield (check)
4, Graphical Overlay Ancient Ship of Doom style for Level 4 Intermission (think NG3) (check)
5. Turn Escape Warps into Return Warps (check)
5. Flame Sword Sprite Changed (check)
7. Temporary solution to Gold Candle softlock (needs more discussion (will do for now, needs to be addressed again)
8. Fixed another wrong-color room (check)
9. Large Batrobes being bosses now resist Hookshot (check)
10. Removed extra warp in Boomerang Tower (check)
11. Implement Zenethian Sword sprites (check)
12. Twinrova Sprites Updated (check)
13. Arrows on subscreen implemented
14 Fix bugs, stability, and all other problems. (going well, to be continued)
15. Wait for Alpha 112 (check)
16. Implement Ganon sprites (thank you P-Tux7, check)
17. Fixed a scrolling bug warp issue with Gleeok (check)

18. Walking over mountains in Lv. 2 area fixed
19. White Sword Heart Problems fixed
20. Bombtorocks nerfed
21. Babble/Fireballrobe/Drakee room nerfed to shallow water

Enjoy! DM me or reach me on Discord if you have any questions!



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