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James Quest: Sidestory

Demo 6.39.2

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Genre: Story-driven Added: 16 Jan 2023 Downloads: 4 Rating[?]:
This is definitely not perfect, but this is quite a large update now and I don't know how long it's going to fix the stability and get the other features in, so I've decided to release this as 6.32.2.

Things known not to report (as I will fix them for next update):

1. Cutscene issues
2. Stability issues around Level 1 (Connor and I are working on squashing those asserts)

Fixed a lot of concerns, thanks to 4matsy and Lukaz for the late reports.

Things for the next update:
1. Squash the bugs, especially the stability ones.
2. Write the Baby Cutscene/get the peacemaker in
3. Write the Zenethian Shield in full.

If I can get that done (and stop being so depressed), I can call this Demo 6.4.



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