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Three Crests

2022 Demo 2.1

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Genre: NES-style Added: 21 Nov 2022 Downloads: 14 Rating[?]:
This is the second demo for Three Crests! Please leave any feedback, bug reports, or any other thoughts here! Thanks for playing.

This quest requires the nightly build from November 3, 2022 (a111/112) or newer to use.
What makes up this demo's content?
  • Two thirds of playable overworld
  • SEVEN mini-dungeons
  • Non-linear gameplay. Once you get the sword, you can go straight to the end of the demo if you desire.
So, what's in this demo compared to the April demo then?
  • Z4/GB enemies - courtesy of Mitchfork's Crucible Crest/PoRC engine.
  • Reworked areas from the April demo - Glen Village and the Undershrine dungeon have been totally rebuilt from the ground up.
  • Expanded overworld - the mountain ranges of West Merrel are cold, foreboding and calling your name.
  • Reworked subscreens and overworld map - the overworld map functions like the map in the Gameboy games (thanks again Mitch!), while the new subscreens are much more pleasing to the eye.
  • Odd seashells - these currently do nothing as of this demo, but collect as many as you can and brag about it to your friends!
  • Other, less interesting things - stuff like scripts, sprite updates, etc.
The demo's playtime works out to be around 3-3.5 hours; Deathrider365 streamed a version of the quest before this demo came out - you can watch it here.

2.1 is a hotfix for a number of bugs found in the demo (thanks jwex001 for the quick bug hunting!).
Changelog (21/11/2022):
  • Fixed bug where buying particular items (Odd Seashells, Heart Containers, etc) would cause tango strings to stay on screen (thanks Mitch)
  • Blue Stalfos can now be stunned with the Boomerang
  • Glen Heights boss key room puzzle graphic glitches fixed
  • Pincer enemy removed from Midlake - was spawning where a pitfall combo once was
  • Fort Winterstead trap placement adjusted
  • Reduced damage bombs do to Armos Spider boss
  • Reduced damage Hero's Sword and Lantern do to the Stump Parasite enemies. Increased health of Stump Parasite enemies as well
  • Fixed a non jumpable Dei Ruins cave ledge


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