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Three Crests

2022 Demo v 1.5

(6.35 MB)
Genre: NES-style Added: 30 Jun 2022 Downloads: 38 Rating[?]:
This is the first demo for Three Crests! Please leave any feedback, bug reports, or any other thoughts here! Thanks again for playing.
A quick bug fix, and some minor quality of life improvements.
This version uses the 2.55 June 10 build (a107), so make sure you are updated to that version or newer. Use your old saves at your own risk!

Version 1.5 changelog (30/6/22):
  • Fixed sideview passageway in Glen Heights Cave
  • Reduced the HP of the Rotted Stump boss
  • New sprites for Relika and the Rotted Stump boss, courtesy of Ether
Version 1.4 changelog (23/5/22):
  • Player now continues at the entrance to Dei Ruins, instead of respawning in a boss fight
  • Fixed a bug where the player couldn't jump down cliffs in a certain room in Rotted Stump
Version 1.3 changelog (8/5/22):
  • Fixed opening cutscene screen where the player could walk off the screen if they held left
  • Updated F6 screen using Avaro's BetterF6 script
  • Adjusted quest options
  • Corrected pitfall combo damage
  • Overworld map locator on the Great Merrel Tree tile has been fixed
Version 1.2 changelog (5/5/22):
  • Location names will now appear when you enter new locations or floor levels of dungeons
  • When a dungeon treasure is acquired, the game will auto-save and restore the player to full health
  • Fixed solid tile in Glen Village
  • Changed chest in Information Man's House
  • Minor graphic errors fixed in Midlake
  • Overworld map can now be used in the Dei Ruins area
Version 1.1 changelog (25/4/22):
  • The map button can no longer be used during dialogue
  • Owl statue dialogue in the Glen Village cave has been fixed
  • The map can now be used on the Great Merrel Tree overworld screen


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