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Three Crests

2022 Demo v 1.3

(6.31 MB)
Genre: NES-style Added: 08 May 2022 Downloads: 7 Rating[?]:
This is the first demo for Three Crests! Please leave any feedback, bug reports, or any other thoughts here! Thanks again for playing.

The usual - more bug fixes, a bit of gameplay tweaking, another new feature.
This still uses 2.55 April 25 build (a106/107), so make sure you are updated to at least that version. Use your old saves at your own risk.

Changelog (8/5/22):
  • Fixed opening cutscene screen where the player could walk off the screen if they held left
  • Updated F6 screen using Avaro's BetterF6 script
  • Adjusted quest options
  • Corrected pitfall combo damage
  • Overworld map locator on the Great Merrel Tree tile has been fixed

Changelog (5/5/22):
  • Location names will now appear when you enter new locations or floor levels of dungeons
  • When a dungeon treasure is acquired, the game will auto-save and restore the player to full health
  • Fixed solid tile in Glen Village
  • Changed chest in Information Man's House
  • Minor graphic errors fixed in Midlake
  • Overworld map can now be used in the Dei Ruins area
Changelog (25/4/22):
  • The map button can no longer be used during dialogue, as per this thread
  • Owl statue dialogue in the Glen Village cave has been fixed
  • The map can now be used on the Great Merrel Tree overworld screen


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