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Report Yet Another Fee Quest

Creator: Feenicks Status: Active Genre: Dungeon Romper ZC Version: 2.50 Project Started: 10 Apr 2016 Project Opened: 12 Mar 2017

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An ancient evil is on the verge of awakening, and monsters of all sorts have drummed themselves up from the depths of the earth in the hopes of receiving it. Old ruins and sacred places have been overrun, acting as forward bases for this menace. And, for whatever reason, you're the only one left that has what it takes to go on the offensive.

Really, it's an excuse for dungeon crawling.


It's been nearly 10 years since I first joined this site, and the only things I've finished were something for the 2 week contest (way back in '07) and a submission for the 4th quest contest (that I didn't even playtest and that probably didn't adhere to the rules very well anyway).

I've started up a good few quests in the hope that they'd be *The One* that I'd actually finish, but all of those have fallen down at some point or another. I'm making this quest project in the hopes that it'll act as an incentive for me to actually finish this thing.

There's a second reason why I'm going on with this, though. The Firebird tileset, nice as it may be, is woefully incomplete in areas [enemies, specific dungeon elements, and NPCs]. As I have some ability to Draw Stuff, I'll be filling in, replacing, and supplementing what the tileset is underperforming at, and will be releasing the tiles I get done as I do so. Even if this project ends up in an incomplete state, I hope that by the end of my time with it the tileset I'm working with can actually be called complete.