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Various... of the Forsaken...

All of the songs included in this ZIP file have one major theme in mind: The Dark Corona character "Cloud Sol".

Cloud is a character created by my cousin (whereas Zain was by my brother), and is a half-demon who hates his father's kind.
He fights with a sword fashioned of a nearly indestructible metal known only as Nightshade (yes, I ripped off one of my other song titles), and uses it mainly to fight Demons.

Battle of the Forsaken: Imagine a final confrontation between Cloud and his father.
Demons are Watching: This song was intended as a battle theme against normal Demons, not the type Cloud prefers to face.
Forsaken Gateways: The original is a partial remix of "The Silent Ones", which I might submit to PureZC at a later time. The "Non-Remix" is the same thing, only without "The Silent Ones" thrown in.
Somewhere In Between: Cloud's theme.
The Red Warp: Red warps in Dark Corona are basically gateways leading directly into hell. Generally a bad thing.

Creator: Espilan Added: 05 Dec 2003 Type: MIDI
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.2/5 (4 ratings)
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Rating: 3/5

Posted 03 July 2009 - 08:53 PM
Those drums that introduce many of your midis, including most of these, seem incongruous to me. Setup problems, perhaps?

The Red Warp: Seems to have potential but never really goes anywhere. 3 stars
Demons are Waiting (either): Just average, sort of like the above. 3 stars
Forsaken Gateways (either): I don't even need to separate all these, it's the same story all around. 3 stars
Somewhere In Between: This comes closest to earning a fourth star, but again, it never gets there. 3 stars
Somewhere In Between [True Version]: As though to be a foil to the above, this is the worst of the bunch. Unfortunate choice of instruments really hits this hard. 2 stars
Battle of the Forsaken: Many others here suffer from tempo and instrument choice problems; this does too, which is unfortunate. I wanted to give this more stars, but I just couldn't. 3 stars

Rating: 5/5

Posted 09 June 2008 - 03:07 PM
Theres such a wide variety of musical techniques between these pieces, you could tell a story with the music alone. I especially liked the echo effect of Demons are Watching, and the energy of Somewhere in Between.

Rating: 5/5

Posted 20 May 2004 - 07:55 AM
Demons are Watching: Nice beats dude. 4-stars
The Red Warp: Not my type of music...But I'm sure it is a good song, regardless of what I think. 4-stars.
Somewhere in Between: Hmm, Timpanis...Sweet beats dude...And a great song! 5-stars!
Battle of the Forsaken: 5 stars! Definitely an awsome battle music I would recommend to everyone's quest.
Forsaken Gateways: Another version?! 5 stars of course. Makes a nice battle/dungeon Bgm.
Averge equals 5 stars.