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His Master's Voice (Ozar Midrashim)

This is a very own cover version of Raziel's theme, from LoK Soulreaver.

I made it, cause I could't find a Midi version, online.

I use it in two different settings.
...first (Start:0, Loop Start: 25, Loop End:49) loops only the dark phrases of the Intro, as background music for Agahnim's Cutscenes.
The second (fulltime) setting (Start:0, Loop Start:25, Loop End:-1) plays also the heroic theme of our beloved redeemer and destroyer, Raziel.
I use the fulltime version for the Tower of Azadu'ul (Agahnim's Level).

Kurt Harland
...and the legions of Nosgoth
Creator: Bagu Added: 05 Aug 2020 Type: MIDI
Loop Start: 25 Loop Stop: -1 Downloads: 2
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