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Breath of the Wild on NES

These are a variety of tracks inspired by the Breath of the Wild soundtrack, remade into the NES style. These are not rips, but are new pieces of music which are covers of existing tracks. I will be updating this as I go along making tracks, but tell me what you think.

Current tracks are:

Zelda's Lullaby: a short theme based on Zelda's Lullaby from several games.
Link's Memories: a transcription of the "Memories" jingle that plays in many parts of BoTW
Vah Naboris: A high-energy Gerudo inspired theme for a dungeon
Urbosa Theme: A theme based on Urbosa's themes and her memory appearance in BoTW
Inside the Castle: A dark dungeon theme based on Ganon and Zelda's themes in BoTW.
Silent Princess: A light, happy song for towns or overworld, based on the Silent Princess theme in BoTW.

Music is based on or inspire by the works of Koji Kondo, Hajime Wakai, Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata, and Soshi Abe, as well as the rest of the Breath of the Wild music team.
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