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Source of the Flow - 2020_03

2020 Track 3

While in the process of remaking my third song Experiment, I thought it might be fun the revisit the first song I ever wrote "Death Bell's Toll".
This version has been renamed to "Source of the Flow", named after the dungeon Death Bell's Toll was first used in in CastChaos' Ballad of a Bloodline.
It's quite a different song now but I think still has some of the DNA of the original within.

Set Loop Start to 9 for best results.

PM me if you'd like to hear the original.

Thanks, CastChaos for using my music and encouraging me way back in like 2007 even if the majority of my early compositions were quite rough around the edges.
Creator: Nuvo Added: 19 May 2020 Type: MIDI
Loop Start: 9 Loop Stop: N/A Downloads: 16
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