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Interlopers - 2020_01

2020 Track 1

Second song I have written for 2020. This song to an extent is a continuation of Track 0 - Grim Patrol. This one was also produced from finger-picking on bass and I think it translated a bit better. I think the looping has been a bit janky for ZQuest, I have had luck with Loop Start being set to -1 or 0 if there even is a difference between those two settings.

As a continuation of the aforementioned track which has an air of looming danger in it, I see this one as the resolution of that tension. The character has run into the danger and maybe is trying to talk their way out of the situation.

Creator: Nuvo Added: 17 May 2020 Type: MIDI
Loop Start: -1 Loop Stop: -1 Downloads: 7
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