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BigJoe's Music Collection 1

A collection of songs I made in FamiTracker. It is a multi-track NSF, which can be opened by various music players and used in ZC. Most of the songs are short and have an experimental feel to them, but many could be used in dungeons and such.

Track Titles

#1 Approach To Ganon
#2 Block Pusher
#3 Blood Beneath The Floor
#4 Darknut Dilemna
#5 Den of Scorpions
#6 Dreaming of the Light
#7 Dungeon of Premonition
#8 Lightbearer
#9 Lost Fantasy
#10 March of Light
#11 Mouth of the Lion
#12 Never Seen Again
#13 Raging Head
#14 Rising In The Dark
#15 Simply Cant Think
#16 Talking With The Wise Man
#17 Temple of Trials
#18 Walls That Will Crumble
#19 What Lurks In The Crypt
#20 Wizardly Machinations
#21 Dragons and Dolphins
#22 Final Error
#23 Release My Soul
#24 Zelda 1 Overworld Enhanced

Shane and 4matsy - For putting up with me getting them to listen to the music constantly and providing feedback.
Creator: IronCreator Added: 02 Jul 2015 Type: Tracker
Rating[?]: Rating: 3/5 (1 rating)
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Rating: 3/5

Edited 02 July 2015 - 11:12 PM
Whoa, that's a lot of music! I always appreciate it when NSF files enter the database. :)

Approach to Ganon: Nothing too special.
Block Pusher: Structurally fine but gets really dissonant. I wouldn't want to listen to this for long. :worried:
Blood beneath the Floor: Definitely conveys a frantic, antsy feeling. Accomplishes what it needs to.
Darknut Dilemma: Sounds like getting lost in a wormhole... I guess that qualifies as a dilemma. Makes sense to put this in a cutscene, I'd think. Reminds me of some Faxanadu music.
Den of Scorpions: I don't really care for the part where the two square wave channels are playing in tandem. Structurally solid, though. Sounds like a mysterious and somewhat unsettling place.
Dreaming of the Light: Too dissonant for my liking. I can't really tell what the song wants to convey.
Dungeon of Premonition: Pretty solid. There is a sour note or two, but I like the rhythmic aspects of the song. They give the tune a nice sense of determination and duty amidst danger.
Lightbearer: This one really has potential. If only the melody were accompanied by a backing that were slightly more sophisticated. A more varied noise channel would also help.
Lost Fantasy: More dissonance... :( The melody is fine, but the harmonies don't really offer the complement it deserves. It ends up sounding distracting rather than cohesive.
March of Light: Another song where a better-crafted harmony would really bring out the well-designed melody.
Mouth of the Lion: Ironically, I think its the melody here that could use some work. It doesn't really... take me anywhere. Good use of a recurring motif, though.
Never Seen Again: This one starts strongly but devolves into the same dissonance that plagues the other songs. The solo/duet parts are more effective.
Raging Head: Sounds like panic. Like Block Pusher, I don't want to listen to this one for long.
Rising in the Dark: You capture the "dark" vibe well with the deep triangle part. The contrasting melody and harmony work well in this song in that they feel like they're actively trying to convey a sense of evil.
Simply Can't Think: A pretty catchy rhythm but nothing memorable on top of it.
Talking with the Wise Man: I can hear what you were going for. More range would help this song, I think, especially a deeper bass. Pretty pleasant though.
Temple of Trials: This one is great when it sticks to the starting melody. Other parts sound a little confused. Regardless, this is one of the better songs in your list.
Walls that Will Crumble: I don't have much to say about this one. It doesn't sound as focused as it could be. The high triangle was a little rough.
What Lurks in the Crypt: Simple but effective! Makes me feel like anything could jump out at any time. This may be your best song in the package. :thumbsup:
Wizardly Machinations: I definitely hear the "wizard" and the "machinations" aspects of this song, but I wasn't really moved by it.
Dragons and Dolphins: I was hoping this one would evolve more, but it stayed pretty conservative.
Final Error: Sounds desperate and very harsh... I had to move onto the next song really quickly. Sorry.
Release My Soul: Definitely mellower and more introspective than the other songs until the harsh pulse channel joined in. Not bad overall. It serves well as a change of audio scenery, if you will.
Zelda 1 Overworld Enhanced: The timbre of the instruments is a little harsh. Do they add to the original? Hard to say.

Pretty fair all in all. I would pay a little more attention to harmonies. Ask yourself frequently, "Do these notes add to the song or can I do better with a different set of notes?"