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"Lost" is my second NSF tracker for PureZC after "---." I tried for a much different sound this time around, the result being a slow, introspective, cyclic tune well-suited for piano. I worked on this one on and off for about five days. The biggest challenge was in modulating volume appropriately, especially in the melody: my intuition regarding how long notes should ring out wasn't always reliable. Nonetheless, I had fun putting this together. I got to play with F♯ minor, which I believe is a new key for me.

There are two versions in the download: a looping version and a non-looping version. Both are identical except for the last measure around the 2:30 mark. Use whichever version fits your project best.

Enjoy. :)

FamiTracker, the fun and easy-to-use program I used to sequence this baby.
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Rating: 5/5

Edited 21 May 2020 - 12:50 AM
Fantastic. I'm pulled into Crystalis when I hear this. What comes to mind:
  • game over theme
  • some type of tragic event
  • maybe something abyssal?
Excellent work as always. 5 thumbs up! (even though I've only got 3...)
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