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Ordinary songs get ordinary titles. This isn't such a song.

"---" (or "Hyphens," if you prefer) is my first attempt at an NSF tracker. It draws a bit from Mega Man and other games but still has its own feel. The piece took only three days to make, and in the process I learned a lot about the capabilities and limitations of sound on the NES. Typically, I have some issues with percussion when I write music, but I'm actually pretty satisfied with how it turned out here. I don't really know how to describe the rest—you'll just have to listen.

How to use in Zelda Classic 2.50:
Unlike MIDI files, tracker files have to be loaded directly to a DMap. First, make sure the NSF file is placed in the Zelda Classic directory. In ZQuest, edit the appropriate DMap (Quest→DMaps, then select a DMap), then click the "Music" tab. Under "Enhanced Music," press "Load," then navigate to where you saved the file. This should be all you have to do.

Please enjoy, as always. Posted Image

FamiTracker 0.3.7, the surprisingly stable and easy-to-use program I used to sequence this. (If anybody wants my FTM file to look at, just PM me.)
Creator: nicklegends Added: 11 Jul 2012 Type: Tracker
Rating[?]: Rating: 4.25/5 (3 ratings)
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Rating: 5/5

Posted 02 August 2012 - 01:06 AM
The percussion is a high point in this, if you ask me. The piece gives me an image of a fast-paced NES adventure.

Rating: 5/5

Posted 16 July 2012 - 08:35 PM
I have to so I liked the sound of this!. Its hard to say though on what it reminds me of...
Maybe MegaMan? I don't know but keep up the great work!

Rating: 4/5

Posted 11 July 2012 - 09:12 PM
Very nice! Brings to mind Kirby's Dream Land / Kirby's Adventure, and Mega Man 3 / Mega Man 5, and lastly Donkey Kong Country (Fear Factory). This is a difficult rating for me. On the one hand I wish it went longer before it looped, and had a bit more variety, but on the other hand NES music usually didn't go very long before looping. I'll just go with 4 1/2 stars. I like how it has a very robotic / industrial / hectic sound, I've been looking for a frantic, exciting paced song like this. Would like to see more in this vein.