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Link's Awakening - Eagle Tower

A very orchestral rearrangement of Eagle Tower from Link's Awakening for the Gameboy. I made this from scratch quite some time back and I submitted it once before, had it removed and then tried to re-submit it, yet it was deleted (I guess) from submission or seemed like it didn't even take cuz I didn't see it in my submissions page. Nevertheless, this is one of my old pieces and I'd LIKE to submit more, but I won't if no one will even consider my music worth downloading or commenting on. Hope you enjoy the hard work I put into this.

(taken from comments - v2 = 2009)

Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Eagle Tower
Arranged By: djDarkX
Version: 2

Wow...I haven't tracked a song in 2 years! I'm back! This tune I was thinking about
after playing through the first part of Labyrinth Of Dinus, a custom quest for Zelda
Classic. I'll have an MP3 out soon that has full orchestration. Improvements will
come as I get new, or my older (yet better), samples on my HDD. Enjoy my Eagle Tower

Added new samples. Changed the PC88 Strings B3 to GPO 1st&2nd Violins High. Changed
the name of the PC88 Strings G1 to PC88 Strings Low. Trimmed the Marimba's as they were
taking up too much space and turned them into mono samples instead to reduce filesize.
Added 4 more channels, but only used 3 for now. I might add a Timpani later on. Yes,
like I said above I added symphony percussion. It seems to compliment the song very well.


Composer - djDarkX
(taken from comments)
PC88 Strings Low - Kurzweil
Marimba Low & High/1st&2nd Violins - Garritan Personal Orchestra (Sampled w/ Sonar)
Snare/Snare Roll/Cymbal - EMU Sounds
Creator: djdarkx Added: 06 Apr 2011 Type: Tracker
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Rating: 5/5

Posted 15 September 2011 - 02:55 PM
Nice to hear this song realized as something more sophisticated than what the GB could produce. The instrumentation is appropriate and well-balanced. Solid.