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Determination - Boss Fight

Here is one of my latest works...The primary boss battle bgm for elementals of virtue. It's nice and short, but jammed packed with action!
Start: 1
Optional Intro Skip - Start: 21
Loop Start: 1
Loop End: 117

Creator: rexlaninetales Added: 07 Jan 2004 Type: MIDI
Rating[?]: Rating: 3.67/5 (5 ratings)
Loop Start: 1 Loop Stop: 117 Downloads: 65
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Rating: 3/5

Posted 10 June 2008 - 11:14 AM
A boss fight, you say? I see it better placed in a dungeon or cave you'd only pass through once. It does certainly build up; I like that.

Rating: 4/5

Posted 21 June 2004 - 06:23 PM
Great upbeat tune!
4 stars

Rating: 5/5

Posted 20 June 2004 - 01:18 PM
I like it. Although it doesn't sound like boss music, it does sound like dungeon music, like phil said. Great job, rex!

Rating: 4/5

Posted 04 June 2004 - 06:45 PM
Yeah, I really don't think this one's fit for a boss fight. But it's still a good song in itself.

Rating: 3/5

Posted 18 May 2004 - 03:56 PM
The begining doesn't sound very bossy. No matter what kind of boss you are fighting.

It might be okay for a dungeon...I would rate it a 1 or 2 for Boss Music.

But I'll rate it just as a midi.