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Megaman Zero 4 - Ragnarok Core

Okay, this is my first music submission. And I'd like to do what could be an internet first.

This song is the last level theme from MMZ4, the level where you finally get to put a smack down on Dr. Weil.
But what's so amazing, is how this song is nowhere on the internet. Not Vgmusic, now downloads on YouTube, not on any music sites. So I wanted to do a first and put what seems to be the first download link to this song ever.

Additional info: This is the final level music for Shadow's Awakening, my custom quest.
MMZ4 is one of my favorite video games.

Capcom- for making this game.
Koji Kondo - the composer of the original
Nintendo - for the GBA and for distributing the game
Me - for putting this online.
Creator: King Harkinian Added: 24 Aug 2010 Type: Tracker
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Rating: 4/5

Posted 12 December 2011 - 10:10 AM
Some samples sound a bit distorted because of the tracker format. I'm not a big fan of the dissonance (especially early on), but I'm also not familiar with the original song, so I'll give you the benefit. What's here is certainly an intense song illustrating a dire situation.