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Screenshot of the Week 70

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Poll: Pick your favorite screenshot. (45 member(s) have cast votes)

Pick your favorite screenshot.

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#1 PrinceMSC


    Remember the Name

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 11:00 AM

user posted image
The real fight of the century.

user posted image
I wonder what's in here...

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image
Even after death, their love last forever.

Dart Zaidyer
user posted image
King Zora must be getting a handsome royalty for all the use of his
leafy vegetation these days. Hark, is that a miniature tree over
there? Wow, what could that mean...?

#2 LinktheMaster


    Hey Listen, Kid

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 11:29 AM

PolygonX8: Wow. This is a seriously awesome pic. The graphics not only are as good as ever... they're better! The shot looks more grainer, and everything looks more serious. Easy vote here. icon_wink.gif
Snort: There's nothing that really sticks out in this shot. There's no variety, there's no real "go getter" in this shot.
plith: Fairly nice shot here. Everything matches very well. There's just nothing that really puts this pic high up there.
masterlink3000: This looks good, and would have been in second place, if it wasn't for those vines. Those vines in the middle are just... bleh. They seriously take away from the shot. And, get GIMP or something. icon_razz.gif
Shoelace: This is like plith's. Everything is visually pleasing, there's just nothing really that sticks out. Also, it would help if you put some trees in the middle, and also if you had a different tree mixed in. Have you checked out the GB dead trees?
Dart Zaidyer: This is very nice, and looks perfect using the LTTP set. One thing that would be nice is more variation with the grass. Also, put more obstacles in.

Again, Poly was easy to vote for. Nothing else come close.

#3 Manifesto Empire

Manifesto Empire


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Posted 14 November 2004 - 11:37 AM

I voted PolygonX8, that screenie lookes sweeeettt
Snort: nice but simple cool though P.S I want that bridge!

Plith: nice but simple you would of got my 3rd vote.
Masterlink3000: You have a very nice shot you would get my 2nd
Shoelace:too much nothingness....needs more stuff
Dart Zaidyer: this is too boring needs more, something

So I vote PolygonX8


#4 ShadowTiger


    The Doctor Is In

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 11:58 AM

I voted for Shoelace. Nobody will ever understand why, so why bother even trying to explain it. icon_sigh.gif

PolygonX8: The Phazon is extraordinary! icon_eek.gif The other effects on the screen are brilliant as well.
Snort: A bit bland, (Add trees and flower objects around the floor areas.) But the surface of the rock is nice.
plith: The colors feel slightly drab, but I'm sure that's not really a problem. The Link sprite(s) look great. I look forward to playing it. icon_smile.gif
masterlink3000: I gave you my reviews over AIM.
Dart Zaidyr: Delightful. It's a very cute tiny tree. The peahat is looking nice, and the Sword action from Link is just grand.

EDIT: (Also to turn off sig.icon_razz.gif ) Okay. To truly appreciate Shoelace's screenshot, you'll just have to play his demo. Find it Here. Explore the graveyard. Appreciate the drama Shoelace has there.

#5 DarkFlameWolf


    Murana Wolford

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 12:11 PM

Plith gets my vote, it has the most balanced and most eyepleasing composition of them all, even if the colors are a bit drab.

#6 plith


    I've been thinking.

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 12:11 PM

Pft. I voted Polygon. The other shots all suck.

#7 link3505



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Posted 14 November 2004 - 12:20 PM

I voted for poly as well. it really looks like an intense battle. great job

#8 Exate



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Posted 14 November 2004 - 01:37 PM

I'll critique the shots this time around:

PolygonX8 - The shot here is the second to final area in MXL and is sort of a giveaway on what the final suit and beam will be. icon_heh.gif

Snort - This shot is nice, but I'd prefer you'd taken it in the real game. The lava is great, but I don't think green grass and trees would really survive in this type of area... plus the podobo fireballs have gray in the center which is a little odd. Regardless of those, I'd say the shot is still good as the dungeon entrance and lava look really good to me. icon_thumbsup.gif

plith - A nice variety of colors, and was also taken in action. It's shots like these that get my vote. The shot has a pretty nice design, and the Link sprite doesn't look too bad either. icon_thumbsup.gif This is one of the quests on my list to play once it's released. icon_smile.gif

masterlink3000 - This shot is great, but the fact you converted it to JPG really took a lot of the quality away. Otherwise this shot is really good but JPG's are the definition of evil in a contest like this. icon_frown.gif Remember to convert to GIF from now on. icon_wink.gif

Shoelace - The colors on this screen are excellent for an eerie area like this. You have the rain, the darkness, the colors, and even the tiles to go with this to make it look like a good graveyard shot. icon_thumbsup.gif

Dart Zaidyer - This shot is designed well. I'm not too fond of all the green unfortunately, but I like the overhanging leaves on the side of the screen, plus, the overall shape is also good. icon_smile.gif

#9 Neppy


    Grand Overlord Empress

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 02:14 PM

I went with Masterlinks. I like the setup. Very nice.

#10 Peteo


    Back in Business!

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 05:18 PM

Plith's shot is very nice, but I vote Polygons' Metroid shot because it uses MMDWR fog. icon_wink.gif Heh, but seriously, Poly's shot is definitely the most interesting one and it looks pretty good too though I still can't stomach his graphical style.

*votes PX8*

*Notices that this week's battle will be plith vs. PolygonX8*

#11 Dart Zaidyer

Dart Zaidyer

    Mystic Beard of Truth

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 05:28 PM

Interesting and varied batch this week. Here are my comments on each:

PolygonX8: Sweet, sweet eye candy, especially with the mist. Is that a Phazon pit?

Snort: Not a bad scene, but a little dull. This should could have been greatly improved if you would have snapped it in-game. Some variation in the lava and tall grass couldn't hurt.

Plith: I've never really cared for the Descendant color scheme, but this screen makes it look tasteful.

Masterlink3000: This looks like it might be an awesome scene, but the JPG compression has pretty much destroyed it. Not something you want in a screenshot contest.

Shoelace: Definitely not-boring. Although it doesn't evoke much else from me, I'm afraid.

Me: To be honest, I submitted this shot as more of a promo than something I actually expect to compete with. Everything Link has is just dressing to make it more interesting than it normally would be at this point in the quest.
As for the miniature tree, well... There's going to be more where that came from. *wink wink*

#12 Exate



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Posted 14 November 2004 - 05:32 PM

Heh, but seriously, Poly's shot is definitely the most interesting one and it looks pretty good too though I still can't stomach his graphical style.

Which is why I'm changing the landscape in MOR as I have high hopes for that quest. icon_smile.gif

QUOTE(Dart Zaidyer)
PolygonX8: Sweet, sweet eye candy, especially with the mist. Is that a Phazon pit?

It's a factory below the surface where Pirates mine the Phazon on XL-75. The fog is a gaseous form of it.

And before anybody else asks, I handdrew the Phazon. icon_wink.gif The lage pieces sticking up flow with blue, the little bubbles come up, and you'll see lightining flash on it every few seconds.

#13 Rambly


    save your grace

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Posted 14 November 2004 - 05:51 PM

I voted for plith.

PolygonX8: I can't tell at all what that... blue stuff... is supposed to be. The mist is nice. I like this shot, but the blue stuff looks a wee bit funky.

Snort: Simple little Zelda shot. If you threw a bit of extra stuff on that island surrounding the dungeon, it might've looked a little better. Still a nice shot though.

plith: I'm in love with that color scheme. Very nice, classic ZC (Classic Zelda Classic icon_rolleyes.gif) shot. Reminds me of the days when people didn't need all this newfangled Adventure Island stuff and extra plot/graphics stuff and ZC quests were ZC quests. icon_thumbsup.gif

masterlink3000: While this is a very nice shot, with very nice tiles, the vines make it look very, very cluttered. I can't tell what perspective these vines are supposed to be viewed at. icon_shrug.gif

Shoelace: Whoo! I think this is the first time I've seen human ghosts in a shot instead of the ghinis. Nice shot here, though it seems more like an "island of the dead" rather than an everyday graveyard. icon_wink.gif

Dart Zaidyer: I envy you and your ability to use those LTTP mountains so perfectly in ZC. icon_razz.gif Simple, yet very LTTPish LTTP shot.

plith got my vote.

#14 Radien



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Posted 14 November 2004 - 07:55 PM

Wow... I'm glad I didn't enter this week, so I'll have a chance to say this:

PolygonX8, your shot deserves the win hands down. icon_biggrin.gif With so many "runner-up" entries, you really deserve to hear that for once. This shot really looks like it's pushing the limits of ZC on multiple levels; it is in no way a gimmick shot. Good job, man. Looks like you finally made a real winner. icon_thumbsup.gif

Other commentary: ...


Hmm... I'm kinda tired of all this overabundance of lava I've been witnessing ever since I started with ZC. icon_shrug.gif My mountains use dark green in their coloring, so they don't exactly look right, against such bright red magma. Even more so, having trees right up to the edge. Generally, the mere presence of magma threatens all forest life.


Lookin' good here. icon_thumbsup.gif The browns are a little dark and those trees at the bottom are a bit too high-contrast, but nevertheless I'm happy to see the new (or rather, lesser-used) palette.


This shot is a bit crazy, and it has some clasing perspectives right next to eachother, but it is at least interesting... and besides being a bit too busy, the design is pretty good.


I really liked your "ghost" idea in the demo, and this is a nice scene. Not a trophy-winner, but a solid entry.

Dart Zaiyder:

There's not much going on in this shot (perhaps a few enemies might've spiced it up a bit), but it's a well-designed screen. I like that new small tree there. icon_smile.gif Very good stuff. A nice screen for showing off a tileset. Are we nearing another LTTP set release?

#15 Ielen



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Posted 14 November 2004 - 09:26 PM

Polygon's screenshot is the best looking icon_smile.gif
I liked what you did for the blue electric waves icon_biggrin.gif

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