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Screenshot of the Week 63

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Poll: Screenshot of the Week 63 (40 member(s) have cast votes)

Screenshot of the Week 63

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#1 Praethus


    Lord of the Darkness

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Posted 07 September 2004 - 05:54 PM

Any entry that doesn't want comments will be marked with No Comments in bold.

And the nominees are...

Hero Link
user posted image
Boy, there sure is a lot of water here...

user posted image
Just a test shot, seeing what I can do with overworld screens.

System Error
user posted image
*THIS* is the reason why you don't screw with large fish.

user posted image
Everything on this screen is custom, except the rain.

user posted image
Entrance to the Wind Temple.

#2 LinktheMaster


    Hey Listen, Kid

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Posted 07 September 2004 - 06:13 PM

I'm assuming I can comment on them all, if not, please correct me Prae, or any other mod that sees this. icon_wink.gif

HL: Hmm, well, I can't really say much. It seems to fit everything it's needed for, so there's not really anything to add. icon_shrug.gif Except, maybe there could be something underwater for more detail.

Ian: Gotta love those borders. icon_cool.gif Anyway, not much to the shot, could have been better if there were enemies, but whatever. icon_razz.gif I like the idea of the land bridge, and the setup is good. Nice job. icon_thumbsup.gif

System: Most of this looks good there's some odd things though. The floor animations would look a lot better if the different directions matched. Might be a bit hard to do, but it would look good. icon_shrug.gif And, the animation going into the door seems odd, there needs to be some sort of border there.

Fire: Umm, those tower tiles were in some set. icon_odd.gif The main thing I have with this, is that the rain seems a bit.... hard to see. You need to widen it, or choose something like Pure's rain.

Skate: Pretty good setup, but, if possible, try to add something to the wall, whether it be a torch, or something else. That's about all I can think of, except next time take it in ZC. icon_razz.gif

My vote was for Ian.

#3 FireStorm



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Posted 07 September 2004 - 06:35 PM

I don't know if I'm allowed to comment on the shots, since my own is in there, but here goes.

Hero Link: pretty nice. I like the overall mood and colors of that screen. Looks inviting.

Ian: Probably the best constructed shot of them all. I like the grass tiles, especially, even the gigantic trees work.

System Error: a weird, but really cool-looking screen. What's that thing hanging on the top left for, anyway? Great shot, though. A lot of originality.

FireStorm: Hmm, well, that's the best shot ever, of course. icon_razz.gif

skateboarder11: Good stuff in that shot, even though it is Pure (except for a few custom tiles I see). I'm not saying I'm prejudiced against Pure, it's just...nevermind.

QUOTE(LinktheMaster @ Sep 7 2004, 07:13 PM)
Fire: Umm, those tower tiles were in some set. icon_odd.gif The main thing I have with this, is that the rain seems a bit.... hard to see. You need to widen it, or choose something like Pure's rain.

Well, the tower tiles are not custom, but their colors are, and the same goes for the clouds. And I just picked the rain right out of some set that was in there (I thought it was standard--maybe not?) The main reason I even picked this shot to be in there was I just really like the overall mood of this screen: it is creepy, dark, maybe even a great place for a villain to reside. That is the intent of this screen, and I think the rain adds A LOT to the screen; and the tower is meant to be a little obscured by the rain. Well, the rain maybe is a bit hard to see, but when you are playing on a bigger screen, it is easier to see it closer up.

And for the record, I null voted this particular time, because I felt that was the best thing to do.

Edited by FireStorm, 07 September 2004 - 06:36 PM.

#4 Shoelace


    The Shaman of Sexy!

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Posted 07 September 2004 - 06:38 PM

The return of Shot of the Week, how exciting.

Hero Link: I like the way the water goes on the floor that you walk on. Maybe add things under the water for more variety, but it is good. Maybe, change the subscreen because the blue boarders are done a lot. good job.

Ian: This looks amazing. Who knew that this could come out of Zelda Classic. If you want you could add animals on the screen such as birds and rabbits, that would be cool.

System Error: Wow, looks like lord jabu-jabu's belly (I think that is the way you spell it). This really looks good. Really nice custom tiles! You should be dead fish, and flopping fishes everywhere, that would be cool.

FireStorm: I still can't wait for your complete game, it will be awesome. This picture lacks color, however, I think that is how you wanted to set the mood in the picture. And it is dark! Looks like the gameboy games, but as for suggestions... maybe add pilars... but because it is going for the game boy look, this is good.

skateboarder11: This looks good. It says it is the wind temple, but I am not sure how the rest of the level looks but maybe change the color to fit the description. The stairs are pretty cool.

Well I voted for System Error because I just love those tiles. And the way they move, is awesome. Hopefully this is part of a game because I really love to play that. icon_smile.gif

#5 Breadguy



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Posted 07 September 2004 - 06:47 PM

HeroLink: Pretty nice shot. Not the best I have seen. Could of used one of your other shots. But this does look really good. Woah woah woah... How is Link walking on the tiles beneath the water? I just noticed that. I think there shouldn't be tiles beneath the water. All in all, what a great shot. Keep it up, HeroLink. icon_wink.gif

IaN: This is a nice mountain screen. I like how the mountains are setup. The custom maps are cool. Could add more flowers though. The ground looks kinda bland. Of course, there isn't much space, for the those big trees, being in the way. icon_razz.gif Nothing really to say. Everything seems good to go. Good job, IaN. icon_wink.gif

System Error: A nice screen. using the old tiles. Looks good. You really worked these tiles. Good animation going there. Good job. icon_wink.gif

FireStorm: Pretty simple screen, if you ask me. The background looks good. Just a simple screen. But doesn't seem to have any mistakes. Good job, FireStorm. icon_biggrin.gif

Skateboarder11: Another simple screen. What is that ladder there for? I see no need for it, unless I need some glasses, and can't see what is going on here. Other than that. Nice screen. icon_biggrin.gif

I voted for "IaN". Good job! The rest of you. Don't take anything offensive that I said. It's just for your own good. Good job, everyone!

#6 skateboarder11



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Posted 07 September 2004 - 06:56 PM

HL: Very good idea. Executed well too. icon_smile.gif

Ian: LTM practically stole my words.

System Error: You've gotten a LOT better at drawing. No flaws I can see...

FireStorm: Basic tower screen... :\

Skateboarder11: This is actually not pure... it's LTTD5's set. And the ladder was just an extra I wanted to add. :\ Does everything need a reason?

I null voted. icon_razz.gif

#7 link3505



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Posted 07 September 2004 - 07:06 PM

I voted for Ian. it's not flashy or spectacular in any way; it just looks like a well made screen. that, and I like the sword slash

#8 SwordOfSeals


    Peace now, food later

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Posted 07 September 2004 - 07:44 PM

Hero Link: Looks nice, but nothing's different/custom.

Ian: Solid screen. Nice mountains, cool effect, great borders. Overall, excellent.

System: Very interesting screen. Very creative. Nice job overall. But, what I like most is...the dancing pointer!!!!

FireStorm: Dull screen, IMO. Still, eirily evilish, but colors are just poor.

SkateBoarder: Nice layout, but nothing else. I wonder if Link can jump down from there...?

So, you might've guessed it (or not); I picked Ian.

#9 HydraPheetz



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Posted 07 September 2004 - 08:07 PM

I picked System Error, mainly because the animation was great, also, I'm glad that Sotw is back.

I liked the other shots as well, great stuff, again. icon_wink.gif

#10 System Error

System Error


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Posted 07 September 2004 - 08:12 PM


Hero Link: A generic dungeon shot. I don't like your choice of palette though, it just kinda clashes with the dungeon walls, you know what I mean? Also, the water looks slightly odd in some places, specifically above the ground.

Ian: "Test shot" my ass. It looks great! Bonus points for making Link actually do something in the shot, rather than just standing. Nice use of the LTTP mountains and rocks.

Firestorm: That's just the GB Tileset. Ironically, the rain is the best part of the shot, but it still clashes horribly with the grey. Also, fix the sky's color behind the fortress.

skateboarder11: Neat. That "flattened block" looks promising. And those stairs look pretty damn fine too.

I null voted.

#11 Neppy


    Grand Overlord Empress

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Posted 07 September 2004 - 11:33 PM

Ok, I think I feel like commenting tat the moment. I will ask and explain stuff about my screen where my name is.

Hero Link: Ok, I know this is one of my more boring shots, and it is very lame looking. There are areas in the Water Temple, where I want to have the ground slightly underwater. I don't know how to show this any better. Please give me suggestions about how to do this. Should I use a darker pallette for the water, or should I make the walls more blue? Any suggestions are welcome. I would like to get some constructive critisism about my screen. If you don't like something, please just tell me, as I would like to make it as good as i possibly could.

Ian: This is a very cool screen. I like the diagonal mountains that you have there. It is a very well construxted screen. Good setup. icon_biggrin.gif

System Error: This is a very great shot. I love how the floor moves. Do you have the ground as conveyor belt? Is this inside a large fish or something. You didn't specify where.

FireStorm: Very dark evil looking screen. I am sure that is exactly how you want it. Make sure there is lightning, because that adds to the evilness.

skateboarder11: This is a very good setup for a screen. However, what is the purpose for being able to climb up the center wall there? I don't see the significants of the steps there.

Well, this was fun. I am glad to see SOTW has returned.

#12 Exate



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Posted 08 September 2004 - 03:58 AM

Hmm, the shots this week are nice and okay, but the one that's appealing ot me is SE's. The other ones are overall good, but the colors are a bother. icon_shrug.gif

#13 Breadguy



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Posted 08 September 2004 - 06:19 AM

Herolink, I will try to give out suggestions, the best I can. That is, when I see little mistakes, and stuff I think could be better, or little things that can be added. Good luck, everyone. Good luck, with all of the your SS's. icon_biggrin.gif

#14 Peteo


    Back in Business!

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Posted 08 September 2004 - 07:57 AM

Hero Link - Looks good. It's really cool how you made the underwater stuff. I don't find anything wrong with the shot! Almost perfect!
9 / 10

Ian - I love the subscreen. The layout of the screen is great and the usage of tiles. I think those rocks on the ground are little too bright, but bonus points for you because Link is doing something else than just standing in the shot!
9 / 10

System Error - Woah! That's better than any Princes screens I've ever seen. Brilliant how those walls... animate and the floor and everything. It's just like in Jabu Jabu's belly! This shot is awesome man! icon_thumbsup.gif
10+ / 10

FireStorm - Custom?? icon_blink.gif A...are you sure? That is the GB set! And the shot is quite bland. But I'm sure the rain looks good so a good shot.
7 / 10

Skateboarder 11 - Great screen. icon_thumbsup.gif Looks really interesting though lacks originality.
8 / 10

Really good shots this week! Especially SE (woah!)
Keep up the good work everyone! icon_thumbsup.gif It's good to have SOTW back.

#15 Praethus


    Lord of the Darkness

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Posted 13 September 2004 - 10:21 AM

System Error wins. I will put the shot on the main page when I get home from school this evening. Remember to submit for SOTW 64.

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