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Screenshot of the Week 455

Tree Master Maniac Avataro Charizard SirKazuma Fireblast124 Franky LunarRedMage Geoffrey Demonlink

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Poll: Screenshot of the Week 455 (58 member(s) have cast votes)


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#1 The Satellite

The Satellite

    May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:28 PM



While traveling the Royal Trail, Link takes a moment to take in the beautiful view of Lake Hylia


Master Maniac


It appears that the Hollow has stumbled upon the creators' throne...




This Level is very easy if you do it right. relax.




i wanted to be a farmer, i dont wanna save the world... screw this im going home




Link ponders life as he has a bizarre feeling of Deja Vu....




Link questions why there are Sakura Trees in this area.




Dank Cave.




This place looks familiar...




It's what all the hip kids are doing.




DEM PEAHATS! (Credits to Noel for helping on my Autumn palette ;) )

#2 David


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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:36 PM

What an incredible turnout this week! It was extremely hard for me to choose a screenshot this week, but I eventually chose Tree's screenshot because I liked how the mountains and waterfalls were used beautifully.

#3 MarinaraSauce



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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:38 PM

I picked Tree, partly because the tileset looks nice, and partly because I'd be interested in seeing what a "Hylia Field" would look like.  Also, what's the deal with the same screen 5 times with different tilesets?

#4 Dawnlight


    My name is NOT Jason!

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:40 PM

I voted for Shane. It's all your fault that there are so many screenshots to pick from this week! :naughty:

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#5 coolgamer012345



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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:41 PM

I picked Tree, partly because the tileset looks nice, and partly because I'd be interested in seeing what a "Hylia Field" would look like.  Also, what's the deal with the same screen 5 times with different tilesets?

Charizard made a great screenshot.. Everyone wanted in on the awesomeness of the screenshot.


I voted for DemonLink. I really like DoR and the palette is great.

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#6 Demonlink


    Lurking in the shadows...

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:44 PM

Well, my reviews so far:


Tree: Beautiful use of DoR. The structure you used for it makes me want to play your quest! :D The only "but" I have is that particular combo error on your waterfall, I suggest you should have used a layered grass on it to make it unnoticeable ;) If I weren't participating, my vote would have gone here. 


Master Maniac: I see it's for your hollow quest right? A pretty solid screen, but it's kinda too symmetrical for me. I suggest you give it a more "ruined" feel to it, like a thousand years have passed and that building is, well ruined. But however, another solid screen and I like your character! :D


Avataro: Damn, that level was hard :lol: (Not). Something new introduced to ZC and quite original if I might say ;) Nothing bad or better you could do to it.


Charizard: I like the GB Pagoda you went for there. And the palette helps the shot increase it's beauty. Nothing much I can say more about it, all but good job! :D


SirKazuma, Fireblast124, LunarRedMage and Geoffrey: Who copied who? :lol: Well, since all look like Charizard's/Shane's shot, I can say that well, great job on recreating! :lol: I can't say too much since all look alike, sorry. 


Franky: A solid cave shot I could say, but the bridge tiles kinda give a "style clash", but that's not important. Also, is that a Phantom Hourglass perspective kinda cave? If it is, I love it :D


Demonlink: Too bad for you, too much orange, who cares about autumn? I could do better than you did. Geez, thanks for making my eyes hurt XD

#7 Russ


    Caelan, the Encouraging

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 05:54 PM

For crying out loud folks. The joke was funny in the screenshot thread, but did you really have to all submit them to SotW? Yikes. At least we got a huge turnout. Anyways, it ended up coming down to Tree and Demonlink for me. Both are really incredible, and remind me of home in a way that's making me really homesick right now cramped in here studying for finals. And in the end I'm giving in to sentiment and voting for Tree for reminding me of home the most.
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#8 umbrello


    I am a hero

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 06:06 PM

I actually really like SirKazuma's and LunaRedMage's for some reason. They remind me of weird NES games. But I voted for Franky because he used Final Fantasy IV tiles! I'm probably in the minority but I'm not really a fan of the super detailed tile sets. It's just too much for the eyes, in my opinion. Though, I like the fish in Tree's shot, lol.

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#9 SubconsciousEye


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Posted 11 May 2014 - 06:15 PM

I am going to be honest with all of you, but Charizard said it himself that he thought it would be funny if we were to submit those screens. Heck, I wasn't going to enter SotW at all, but people convinced me otherwise.

It's also why you should never let me do things.

Edited by Fireblast124, 11 May 2014 - 06:16 PM.

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#10 Tree


    Everything must go away

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 06:24 PM

Wow. Look at that competition...


EDIT: This sounds a lot more sarcastic than I meant it to  :eyeitus:

Edited by Tree, 11 May 2014 - 06:30 PM.

#11 Master Maniac

Master Maniac

    Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water.

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 06:45 PM

Null'd for the competitive spirit, but if I'd voted, it would have gone to Tree, certainly. Excellent use of DoR.

#12 Einsiety


    ~ Blaze Fielding ~

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 06:46 PM

Voted for SirKazuma. Charizard's may have been the original shot, but SirKazuma's palette is easily one of the greatest Classic palettes I've ever seen.

#13 Shane



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Posted 11 May 2014 - 08:30 PM

I voted for the shot with the house with the cave.

Edited by Charizard, 11 May 2014 - 09:01 PM.

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#14 Jenny❣️


    pfp by @Moosopp

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Posted 11 May 2014 - 09:13 PM

i nulled.


this isnt screen rebirth is it

#15 Shane



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Posted 11 May 2014 - 09:15 PM

i nulled.


this isnt screen rebirth is it

No, this is Screenshot of the Week. :)

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