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Screenshot of the Week 315 - Cations

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#1 Ebola Zaire

Ebola Zaire

    no fun. not ever.

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 03:33 PM

Don't forget to also vote in 315's other poll!

IPB Image
Look at that view!

IPB Image
At least I'll always have supporters!

IPB Image
Part of my "New" Classic set. Everything you see, with the exception of the Octorocks and the ladder, is either recolored, modified, or completely hand-drawn.

IPB Image
Yours is the drill that will pierce Spectacle Rock! Because even rock formations are not safe from Kamina glasses now.

Orin XD
IPB Image
Spectacle Rock is an entrance to death... Yeah, right!

Ebola Zaire
IPB Image
If you think this is over, then you're wrong.

#2 Jared


    The Hero of Hyrule

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 03:39 PM

I don't stand a chance!
I can't wait to see how it all comes out icon_smile.gif

#3 Giggidy


    We live for chaos so that we may die for ourselves.

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 03:40 PM

Midnight_King's my favorite here, with William's a close second. Russ's... I'm sorry, but I never found that meme very funny.

Everyone else's I don't have too much to say on.

#4 Ice Cream Link

Ice Cream Link


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Posted 27 March 2011 - 03:40 PM

Woah, woah, Russ! Fight the power!

#5 Russ


    Caelan, the Encouraging

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 05:50 PM

Midnight_King: Perfection. My vote would have gone here.
Lynker: It's okay, but nothing special.
William: I'm loving it. Nice. Very nice.
Orin XD: Two shots of Spectacle Rock in one week!? How did that happen!? The design itself is great, but the ground is too bland. Try adding some flowers and dirt patches, and you'll have one very awesome screen.
Ebola Zaire: I love what you did with the mountains. Very nice.

#6 Koh


    Tamer Koh

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Posted 27 March 2011 - 05:56 PM

Ebola: Won my vote, I LOVE THAT shot <3!

Russ: AGAIN WITH THE GLASSES; I just know, that one day, we're going to have a big Kamina day on campus icon_razz.gif!

William: Awesomely updated classic set ;O.

Everyone else: Don't have much to say, but your shots are decent =).

#7 Adem



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Posted 27 March 2011 - 08:14 PM

I wound up voting for M_K.

Russ...Close. So close...but no fried chicken. icon_wink.gif

Edited by Rem, 27 March 2011 - 08:14 PM.

#8 Bayta



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Posted 27 March 2011 - 08:41 PM

Midnight_King: I like it very much! The background is nice, as is the mountain-work, and ground detail. 9/10

Lynker: The mountain-work here is very awkward, and there seems to very little space for movement. If there was less rock here, or if it was a little better-designed, then it would be a good screen. 5/10

William: The screen-design itself is quite good, but some of the new graphics are very odd-looking, due to the detail on the mountains, I actually thought at first that it was a very badly-compressed jpeg. 6/10

Russ: ... Well there actually is a screen under the glasses, so the kitten's safe for now. The screen itself is okay. The mountain-work is decent, and the level of ground-detail is alright. I still don't see the appeal of such oddly-colored trees, but whatever. The background is also incredibly bland. Maybe put a few clouds in there or something? Ignoring the joke aspect of it, 7/10

Orin XD: Not bad. First thing I noticed was that the mountain-work is mildly awkward. Also, shouldn't there be a lot less grass here, considering it's supposed to be Death Mountain? It doesn't take too much from the value of the screen overall though. If you're keeping the grass though, then I recommend putting a lot more detail onto the ground. Some flowers and bushes and whatnot would make it a lot better. 7/10

Ebola: I find myself liking the BS mountains more and more lately; they seem to work extraordinarily well with MC-style graphics. Mountain-work is beautiful, and the detail on the ground is very good. I'm not a huge fan of the water though, and the base of that tree looks far too small. 9/10

So it was a tie for Ebola and MK. Ended up going for Ebola's shot.

#9 Nathaniel



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Posted 27 March 2011 - 09:13 PM

Midnight_King - 7/10
Typically I am not a fan of the lower half of the screen showing a distant area, but I think you managed to make it not look bad. I think you made a good choice in making the top ledge lean toward one side rather than centering it. These screens in general I think are hard to pull off correctly, but I think you gave it the right perspective.

Lynker - 5/10
While the ground details are decent, most of the screen is the same cliff face type, and doesn't look all that interesting.

William - 7/10
A pretty busy but well thought out classic screen. Seems a tad crowded, but still pretty walkable, so no harm there.

Russ - 6/10
So glasses eye view it is? That's how I see it. Certainly they are there in humor, but one spectacle takes away from the other spectacle (the rock one), as it is covering up what should probably be the main attraction. The rest of the screen is all right.

Orin XD - 5/10
The somewhat sense of symmetry just doesn't feel right for this screen. Despite all the action, the screen seems pretty boring looking to me. Perhaps the perfectly parallel cliffs have a little to do with that.

Ebola Zaire - 8/10
I like it. It's very pleasing. Action is minimal, but I sense that this screen doesn't demand much of it from the feel of it. The shadowing is a nice extra touch, and the ground details are well done and kept subtle. Vote goes here.

#10 NoeL


    Remilia looks better with grey/green hair.

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Posted 28 March 2011 - 03:36 AM

Go William! *votes*

Awesome Classic-esque screen. Kinda disappointed he doesn't have more votes :/

EZ: I like the idea, but the execution wasn't as good as it could've been. First and foremost... those water tiles... wtf. Second, a semitransparent shadow isn't enough to believably convey an overhang. It took me a few seconds to realise what I was actually looking at. You need to have a darker set of mountain tiles for the mountains underneath the overhang, because at the moment, even with the shadow they're still far too bright. You have to make the colours very dark up in the crevices, then diffuse out from there.

#11 Tree


    Everything must go away

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Posted 28 March 2011 - 02:18 PM

voted for William this time. one of the greatest classic screens ever! 2nd would be Ebola Zare. Great BS screen and awesome use of the mountains. I just don't think there was enough ground detail.

#12 Ebola Zaire

Ebola Zaire

    no fun. not ever.

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Posted 28 March 2011 - 02:33 PM

Midnight_King: Fine shot, but it's really just half a screen, isn't it? icon_wink.gif It's got great colors, and I like what you did with the mountains. The perspective is weird, but I'm okay with that because it's basically impossible to create that effect realistically in the Zelda/RPG perspective. Minor gripe: you have a mountain error at the bottom edge of the screen. See the straight part of the mountain directly south of the windmill's door? The section that extends beneath that should be one tile high, not two.
Lynker: Got a lot of mountains on this one, huh? icon_razz.gif The mountains are really straight. You've gotta fix that before anything else can come.
William: I don't like those dirt tiles too much, but beyond that I like the edits that you had. I'd like to see this in non-.jpg format.
Russ: I considered asking you to post this shot without the glasses, since those weren't placed in ZQ. Since I haven't gotten any complaints though... anyway, I can't say that I dig the way that you did the "spectacles." Remember that in the original LoZ, the "lenses" weren't connected... unless you dedicate a bit of space to it, I don't think that it looks good to bridge them like you did. That said I don't see any glaring problems with the screen, but .jpg really ruined the quality. icon_unsettled.gif
Orin XD: Another Spectacle Rock shot... okay. Your shot needs extra ground details and possibly another terrain type. Also, keep in mind that the SD3 grass has a pattern to be used, and it will make your shot a lot better. Mountains are a bit straight, and the lower edge being that close to the screen border isn't that great. I'm also pretty sure that the shadow around the back of the "spectacles" should be shorter.

Overall I think I would have ranked the shots like so: William > Midnight_King > Russ > Orin XD > Lynker. I didn't vote though.

EZ: I like the idea, but the execution wasn't as good as it could've been. First and foremost... those water tiles... wtf. Second, a semitransparent shadow isn't enough to believably convey an overhang. It took me a few seconds to realise what I was actually looking at. You need to have a darker set of mountain tiles for the mountains underneath the overhang, because at the moment, even with the shadow they're still far too bright. You have to make the colours very dark up in the crevices, then diffuse out from there.
I'm guess you mean that the water tiles are too busy? Guess I can't argue there. I was considering using the water borders from one of Evile's sets (which Avataro used in the other 315 topic) and I sort of regret not using them now. I still like how these look, though maybe the juxtaposition with the rest of the screen isn't that flattering.

The mountain shadows... I guess I didn't think that it would be too confusing, but since I made the shot, it isn't too surprising that I'd think that. icon_razz.gif

Thanks to everyone that voted for my shot.

#13 William



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Posted 28 March 2011 - 02:51 PM

I nulled, since I'm in it.

Midnight_King - 8/10
I like it. The colors are nice, and so is the background. It would have been a 9/10 had it not been for the perspective.

Lynker - 3/10
This.... I just don't understand it. First off, the mountain takes up way too much of the screen for me to enjoy the design of it. Second, I think Link would get a headache traveling the screen, I know I certainly would. I don't like screens where the character's only way to go is set for him. It almost seems like the game is controlling you, rather than you controlling the game. Got me? That may sound a little confusing, but what I mean by that is this; a good game gives you option, it gives you a choice. If there is only one small space for you to go through; I just don't know. I don't like the colors either. Way too much brown, and I don't like how tall the mountain is, either. That corner in the top left bothers me as well. I know that it's supposed to be inaccessible, but it still gives that "hollow" feeling. I'd try something different next week.

Russ - 6/10
I found the meme amusing, but other than that... Not too much else to comment on. It seems like a normal screen, and I can't find anything that's "bad" about it, but I can't find anything that sets it apart from the rest of the shots, either. I gave it a 6/10 because it is a solid shot, but nothing all that extraordinary or out of the ordinary. Nice job though, overall.

Orin - 5/10
It's alright, but certainly not one of my favorites. The colors are a little too.... bright? I guess? Not really sure, but I don't like them. I'd also change up the screen so that it isn't so symmetrical. In the end; it's a fine screen for a game, but nothing all that great about it.

Ebola Zaire - 8.5/10
I like it, a lot. The shadow effect is a nice add on, and the detail and design are really nice as well. Great work. The one thing I would change is the water. It seems a little off.

#14 Aaron The Great

Aaron The Great


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Posted 28 March 2011 - 05:45 PM

Voted for William. The best classic shot I've ever seen.

#15 Radien



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Posted 28 March 2011 - 09:00 PM


Excellent shot design, love the palette and the tiles! icon_smile.gif The only downside here is that it just feels rather empty. Like Link, all we're doing is watching the landscape. Pretty, but boring.


Hmmm. Any reason that particular ridge is so tall? Is there a way out to that bird? I think you could achieve the same effect on this screen with more walkable space overall.


While this shot is arguably a little too busy, I really love the colors you've introduced to boring-old-Classic. Great job. This looks a lot better than most Classic revamps. It almost makes me like Classic. icon_razz.gif Actually, your choice of colors has a slightly "Twilight Princess" feel to it... hurray for pale greens, greys, and browns.


This seems like a waste of what was originally a perfectly good screenshot. At least you did it on Spectacle Rock; putting glasses on any other screenshot wouldn't be clever at all. icon_razz.gif But in doing so you technically invalidated your screenshot, since you had to alter it in an image editor afterward. It would've been better for this contest if you'd had kamina glasses drawn inside the quest itself. But still, too much work for a joke.


Not bad, but I can't help but feel that trees and the spring palette are inappropriate for Spectacle Rock. Especially since this looks like a revamp of the Zelda 1 overworld, and it says "Death Mountain" on the map. It also looks quite cramped with so little walkable area. Link's about to get pwned by that blue Lynel.

Ebola Zaire:

Nice. icon_smile.gif While the overhang design is a little perplexing, I think the fact that the water is running under it answers most of my questions about the topography. There is a particularly weird part on the right where the overhang idea doesn't seem to make sense... but overall I thought this shot just barely eeked out Midnight_King's and William's due to the excellent artwork. This got my vote.

Oh, and for anyone who notices that tree in Ebola's shot, that's a recolored Four Swords tree that Robin edited for me by adding a black outline, for people who prefer that heavy, early SNES look. I'll be uploading that and the original FS tree -- recolored into the BS palette -- to the database later.

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