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[Basic] How to Load a Custom Quest

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Posted 16 September 2008 - 05:58 PM

How to load a custom quest

Step 1
When you first load up zelda-w.exe, you will come up to a screen similar to this after the title screen.
IPB Image

Step 2
You can move the little heart around with the arrow keys, you should move it down next to the "Register" option like so.
IPB Image

Step 3
You can now use the keyboard to type in a name for your save file. I used Demo for this walkthrough.
IPB Image IPB Image

Step 4
Now that you have registered your name, the next thing you do is hit the "A" button (By default, it's the left-alt key on the keyboard) and it will bring up something like this.
IPB Image

Step 5
Now, hit the "A" button again to bring up a popup like this.
IPB Image
You can now see a button that says "Browse" (I circled it for you. icon_razz.gif) Click it with your mouse.

Step 6
Now you see a list of quests you have downloaded and placed in your ZC Directory. You see I have quite a few quests, but that's because I play a lot of quests. I'll use puzzlequest.qst in our demo.
IPB Image
(I circled it for you. icon_razz.gif) You can scroll and look for the .qst file you would like to play and then double-click it.

Step 7
Now you see the previous screen, but it's filled with information. See screenshot.
IPB Image
That means you've loaded a custom quest. icon_razz.gif Now all you have to do is click "OK" (I circled it for you. icon_razz.gif) Then hit the Return/Enter key on your keyboard and start playing!
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