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1 screen massacre

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#541 Shane


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Posted Yesterday, 01:10 PM

Download Link



Map 44, Screen 04



  • Updated the ice torch sprites a little.
  • Updated my cameo sprite from a small project I was working on.
  • Error post-upload: head statues are walkable. Oof. If someone wants to fix that, that'd be great.

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#542 klop422


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Posted Yesterday, 02:45 PM





Was gonna do something more important, forgot what it was, and instead just made a level 4 screen.

Also, fixed the issue from Shane's screen by making the heads just unwalkable.




EDIT: Also, forgot to say that I edited my lavafall screen (southmost part of Lit Landing) slightly so it fits slightly better with Binx's one underneath. I added a tree.

Edited by klop422, Yesterday, 03:41 PM.

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#543 Anthus


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Posted Yesterday, 11:56 PM

Quest file.


I took an easy one here with screen 67. You can catch a glimpse of the carnival area from this screen.



#544 Orithan


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Posted Today, 01:59 AM


#545 Lüt



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Posted Today, 07:12 AM

So here's an overworld all-up diagram showing the rough playable progression of the quest to this point:




What you see here are the primary paths between major locations, and the main items needed for progression.


The colors of the primary paths change every time you reach a new level, indicated by the "LEVEL-#" header, whereas secondary paths are always indicated by green.


Items are also color-outlined, and the colors reflect which items are accessible when you reach every new level. Actual items are listed by icon and name; icons by themselves are where those items are used. Items for sale are indicated by their price in rupees [###R] at the end of their name. Again, not every shop or secret item is listed - only the main items.


Observations / Suggestions:


* There's a lot of things available to the player before entering L1. The Underlit Landing, the two Ravaged Skyline dungeon (?) entrances, the Caverns, whatever's going to be behind the white-mountain lock block at the mid-right of the map, the Red Ring shop... it should be considered if we want these areas to be friendly to pre-L1 access, to be available but for skilled players only, or to block the player entirely. This includes placement of whichever Wallet allows the 666-Rupee price of the Red Ring to be met. My suggestion: Wallet allowing 666+ rupees doesn't become available until after or during L5 (Monstro Carnival).


* The Short-Shot will become useless during L3 when the player gains the Flippers, rendering the grab points on Screen 78 irrelevant. My suggestion: provide it in the Underlit Landing as an item that stuns but doesn't damage, and have the area rank around an L2 challenge level. The item can then be used on the way back to L1, between the grab points on Screen 3A.


* Sword (L2) area should be some kind of mini-cave trial zone, not just a single screen with a free item handout.


* The Blue Ring can be purchased before starting L3. Head left after entering Misery Ruins and follow the green path toward the Rainbow Islands area. Use the Hammer from L2 to access the southern bridges and reach the shop.


* Din's Fire is required to open the shutters of the green dungeon structure on Screen 47 by simultaneously lighting all 4 torches. This area becomes accessible after L2. There is a secret cave above Misery Ruins on Screen 3D. My suggestion: Din's Fire in the 3D cave. Early access to green area if desired.


* Fire items should be disabled in L4, the underwater dungeon. Partly in case anybody thinks L4 is too early to have Din's Fire, partly because it just makes sense. (Not that Din's Fire works on Wizzrobes anyway, but who knows what else might become a common enemy.)


* The green area - Discord discussion:

Lüt: Could just be something relatively simple. Magic & Heart container?

Level splits into 2 sides perhaps.
Anthus: or that, something simple
Maybe the green area could have some sort of dungeon area that you revisit with more and more items, and you can get.. stuff? Hearts, magic, bomb/ arrow expansions, etc?
Lüt: Yeah, could be.
Anthus: That would be interesting, and make it not just another cave/ side area
Lüt: Actually, no reason a lot of people with a lot of different shops couldn't be living there?
Anthus: exactly.
like some sort of refugee encampment in some castle ruins..,
Lüt: Makes sense they'd have an entry barrier.
Elite stuffage :MahBoi:
Anthus: This is the stuff that all true heroes strive for!

* L7 is accessible after L3.


* Raft price could probably be reduced from 200 to 100. In general, I don't think required items should be behind notably steep paywalls, especially since this one's singular purpose is allowing access to L2.


Anyway, this isn't a thing I'm going to be updating on any kind of regular basis. The next time there's significant progress on the overworld - that is, enough to warrant a new all-up map - I'll also update this. Until then, it outlines the current general progression clearly enough. Refer to the lists by Anthus for comprehensive entry/item details and routine updates.

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#546 Anthus


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Posted Today, 05:09 PM

Just dropping this here as well, but here is an imgur album with every screen made up until this point.



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#547 jerome


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Posted Today, 07:51 PM

Anthus, that is an amazing amount of work done so that we can all see this.  Thanks!


Just noticed that Lut had done the big write up as well.  Thanks extends to you as well!

Edited by jerome, Today, 08:19 PM.

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#548 FormidableMathematics



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Posted Today, 09:25 PM

* Raft price could probably be reduced from 200 to 100. In general, I don't think required items should be behind notably steep paywalls, especially since this one's singular purpose is allowing access to L2.


Anybody working on the quest file hereby has my blessing to lower the price of the raft in that shop I made. I can't even remember why I priced it at 200 rupees in the first place besides maybe thinking it wouldn't be necessary to complete the quest.

Edit: Changed "completing" to "complete" because it read weirdly.

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