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Master Quest New BS Edition

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Posted 21 March 2010 - 12:24 PM

Review of Master Quest New BS Edition by Radien
Reviewed by Blaman

Truth be told, I've only played a little of the original, so I'm not going to comparing this one to the previous version. Not that I would in the first place. icon_wink.gif

Radien uses the BS Tileset for this quest, with a complete overworld and 9 main dungeons. From what I understand, this was intended to play like the first and second quests, so there are similarities in design and whatnot.

The first thing anyone will notice upon playing this quest (if they didn't bother reading any descriptions on this quest) is that the overworld is the overworld from the first quest. While I would have taken points away for this, it was Radien who gave the new BS set, as well as added all the new things seen in the overworld compared to the normal BS overworld. And since he did it, he wasn't stealing someone else's map because he did it himself, I can't take points away for such a thing. It's nothing drastically different, but Radien added in new details to help spruce up the overworld a bit.

The dungeons look good, but since Radien was going for a Zelda 1 feel, the player will notice that screens are repeated and the like. That's not to say that there aren't new, non-repeated screens, it's just to say that the player will see this quite a lot.

I'm not really going to commment on music here, since it's all tracks we've heard before used in several places. But it is nice to see (or hear, rather) some different music for things like Death Mountain and the Lost Woods.

Now to what it all comes down to: playability and gameplay. Again, this quest plays a lot like the original Zelda. This means that you'll be bombing and burning a lot on the overworld. Just like the first one. There's no direct sense of direction in the quest, rather, you have to explore and find clues on what you should be doing. Nothing is given to you for nothing; you will have to put forth some efforton figuring things out. And honestly, that's what I really liked about this quest. Nothing is spoon-fed to you; you actually have to use your noggin to find things in the world, and it makes the experience more rewarding.

Now, as I said, the dungeons resemble LoZ's dungeons in several ways: repeated room desisgns, no blatant indications on what to do and so on. However, unlike the first quest, the dungeons play a little more like what you see today; all the keys needed to clear a dungeon can be found in said dungeon. So you never have to fret about whether you'll have enough keys or not. (But if you get stuck, you can always buy a key.) Expect to bomb, walkthrough and push a lot as well.

The dungeon design itself is solid and well-done. They're not dungeons that force you down one line, but rather, allow you to explore, find sevral keys, several locked doors and the sort. And they're also fairly challenging, just as you might expect from something carrying the name 'Master Quest'. Indeed, this isn't exactly an easy quest for the un-prepared, but if you go about it properly, you can make things easier for yourself. And I think that shows good design: when you reward players who go out of their way to prepare.

Overall, this was a fun quest that's definitely worth playing if you're into exploring with no distinct direction, or someone who likes an old-school feel to a quest.

In the end, I give this a solid 8/10 for it's old-school Zelda playing style, something I have a great appreciation for. Though it may not be everyone's cup of tea.

Gotta love the old-school. icon_razz.gif

You can discuss the quest here (agree or not, it's my own opinion), but please take any questions regarding this quest to Custom Quest Discussion Also, be sure to rate this quest. The author is bound to appreciate it.

Thank you.

Also note: I have the quests I want to put up for this month's poll in mind. I'm aiming to get the reviews up by next week and have the poll the week after so I'm back on track and not behind on reviews.

I'd also like to say here that I'm broadening the scope of FQotM to ZeldaClassic.com as well as ZCRealm.net, but only full quests can make the poll or be reviewed. Again, if you want me to review your quest, drop me a line and I'll get to it.

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