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Mega Man quest?

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Posted 18 December 2006 - 08:19 PM

Gah. You guys probably know by now that I took a teensy break from ZC (lack of ideas. icon_frown.gif). Well, I recently played (and beat) Mega Man 5 for the Game Boy. I liked it SO much, I'm getting graphics from it right now for a ZC quest! icon_lol.gif icon_xd.gif But... ZC isn't the only thing I've got ideas for from that game... Yeah, I'm putting Mega Man stuff in this Super Mario World hack I'm making... (In fact, Dr. Wily just might be the final boss... Or maybe not! icon_razz.gif) Anyways, it'll be a sidescroller (Ooooooh! icon_biggrin.gif)-type quest, but I plan on making it short, mainly to show off something else I plan on doing.... Muahahaha....

Well, to make it short, I was thinking that maybe I could gather tiles from some of my favorite Game Boy games and make an entirely new tileset out of it! icon_biggrin.gif I'd call it something along the lines of "Game Boy Compilation", or something to that effect... Anyways, my Mega Man quest would star (of course) Mega Man and the evil scientist we all know and love (or hate, if you hate him), Dr. Wily. I have no idea for a name, but let me tell you this: I've already got most of Mega Man's sprites done already. Funny.

You may be wondering, "Hey, since the Mega Man games back then didn't have any actual sprites for facing up and down, what are you going to have his up/down-facing sprites be like?". Well, they'll be him just standing there. I'll try and make a script that simply disables the key presses for up and down as long as it's on the screen. That way, YOU CAN'T EVEN SHOOT UPWARDS OR DOWNWARDS. See, that's the other thing- MEGA MAN NEVER HAD ANY SPRITES FOR SHOOTING UP OR DOWN. It'd be weird to see him fire up or down when he's facing left or right. So, by simply disabling up and down, you don't have to worry about that. Lesse... bosses... Hmmm... Well, I might use some Robot Masters from all the various games. I'll DEFINITELY use Enker (Wily's right-hand bot in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge- By beating him, you gained the Mirror Buster, which reflected a shot back to where it came from) as a boss, but I'm not sure about the cool bosses from Mega Man 5.... Now if only we had shields that we had to press a button to use! icon_lol.gif Then I could have a TRUE Mirror Buster! icon_biggrin.gif

Anyways, the sprites aren't exactly easy to use...The sprites are SO big, I HAVE TO EXTEND THE SPRITES TWICE TO USE THEM! In other words... THEY REQUIRE BIG LINK!!! Now, the way the sprites are actually set up, I'd have to use LttP animation. (I know it's broken in b15, but I'm using it anyways.) Oh well. Easily fixed, since the same 3 sprites keep repeating for the animation, so it'd work well with BS-Zelda Animation. icon_smile.gif So, what say you guys about my ideas? (Oh, sorry for rambling. I do that from time to time. XD)

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